Friday, October 30, 2020


Finally there is a a big weather shift and this day we got some clouds and cooling which felt like a day to go up to Gidro since it's been on my mind. It was a grunt as usual but sick DH as always, a bit blown out but a nice challenge to stay safe.

Cake ride!

Landons birthday! I had some cals to burn off for a big cake to ourselves that evening. The ride was great and I am stronger than ever. The cake was so good, we wait all yea for it, Happy Birthday Landon!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Friday push

Friday was another big one, not sure what got into me I guess I came out of this thing stronger, just which I was more bateria fighting strong! Had a big ol spin around Hawes! Tired form a 120 miles and 11,600 ft of vert.

Still not fall

Still in the 100s I am so sick of it, Thursday was still a good one!

Love this kind of Corona

I have had Corona De Loma on the mind right before my accident. Today was the day to go out and own it. National was hot and busy as usual. Body and bike were one and on point. At the top of Corona and enjoying the view I dropped in for a clean run. Always so thankful to finish that trail safely and simple spin to the car.

Birthday ride day

Well I turned 36 on October 13th, I had better ideas in my head like, ride Prescott or Flagstaff but I did not get permission. I also figured I would at least ride my age, that could not be done eithere since Sunday signs of infection came back and I am now on 3rd round of anti biotics for infection. So my new medication makes me sun sensitive so I need to cover up and limit sun exposure, something a did two weeks ago. So I piced a regular spot and pounded out some mils and called it good. The went out to dinner with the family and had a nice evening.

Monday With Robbie

Monday Robbie somehow got out on an early one after having a new baby on Friday. Off we went on the Horse trails, I lead the descent and let Robbie do the rest. He ran out of gas towards the end so I lead us around for the last bit, we got to the car after 2 hours and for some reason I wanted more so I did so, Up Usery and down and road back, solid Monday!

Friday night delight

I didn't get a ride in Friday morning, and the kiddo and wife were off to the gym so I ran out for a pedal.
get a ride in Friday morning, and the kiddo and wife were off to the gym so I ran out for a pedal.

Thursday with Robbie!

We got out Monday morning to stretch our legs, South Mountain was the place to go and hit some of the new trails. It was murder trying to keep up, turns out Robbie was on a 18t and that led me to eating dust, not that I could keep up on 18t we will just have to see. It was nice out and made our way West on SOMO. It was standard until we connected the road to the west side trails. Old memories fluctuated in and out. When we got to Bersera connector on the far end, that was the bets stuff! On our way back we headed up Helip pad on the new cut. Was a hard climg on my SS and proved too hard on the 18t for Robbie which is why I ride 20t, I cleaned the whole climb and stoked! The rest was easy peasy, added in the other new trail and nice cruise to the lot.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Breaking the morning cycle

Tuesday provided no morning ride, but surprisingly it did provide and evening ride. I was excited to go out for sunset. I rde into hawes with the sun already down, it felt nice the air immediately started cooling. I was still working up a sweat for sure as I speedily ran around for a bit. It got dark quick, I had my light but only to find out on the car ride it doesn't work on my Smith helmet, but would work on the visor in a pinch. I opted to not even use it, I somehow rode quite awhile in low lght and eventualy darkness without the light, kinda like that challenge.

SS bros are back!

Well the strs finaly alligned and me and Robbie met up at PSP. I have not been there in awhile and he has ever been there. It started nice and then got climby, I cleaned the whole thing which was solid for me, Robbie did great, we then enjoyed the lower Ocottillo trail swooping and ascendind, descending. With some time left we did a little Apache wash section, different but not very entertaining. After 20 miles we were solid, great to be back with good company!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

South central somo

I set off for two new trails at somo. I parked at the warpaint trailhead and wholy smokes it was packed! I get spoiled with most my ride spots not loaded up. Despite the cars it didn't feel that busy out there. New trail came up fast, it started off wide and bland and then dipped steeply into a few drainages. A few punchy climbs and I was now at helipad with options. I decided to go up for some reason so up I went. A few hike a bikes and hopped on the other new trail, it's a smoother option for getting up or down the side of goat. Good stuff and back onDesert Classic to ride past telegraph. I have only been out this far only a few times, on of which my very first ride in Arizona! I headed back used some of the new trail and then down some goat and back onto desert classic for a spin on some more trails to close out a great week back on the trails, I am pretty much back 100%

Poor Bobkitty

Thursday I was desperate for something different, while I didn't shy far from trails I know I did come across and interesting sight, a deceased Bobcat kitten. No sign of trauma just lost it's life I Guess. I was pleased to not come upon any snakes on this ride and had a great ride.

Saguaro explosion

Getting veyr close to my sunlight exposure curfew, took just a little more time on this one at Hawes.Got Secret in there for a first this month and filled in the rest. A cactus exploded on one of the trails. I really miss the woods right now, I wish we could make that happen. My birthday is 2 weeks away so I am definitely going to ask if i can run up to Prescott of Flagstaff.

Nice breeze in my grampy socks

Myabe a little cooler but feeling stronger, a nice breeze accompanied me on the trails this mornings ride, more energy and more stamina. Still healnig and hiding but every day better!

Back to the scene of the crime

This week started off with a bang, confident in my still healing leg I ended up at Hawes and heading past where my injury occured on Mine. I got off the bike to take a look as to where I thought I was lying where it happened to look for pedal parts, none were found and I later confirmed that was the right spot I was looking so maybe more searching next time. Back on top of mine felt good, going full steam on my pedal felt scary it might fly off again.......A clean pull and feeling great!

Hot and tired

My first ride on the backside of Hawes. All went well, started to fade fast halfway thru, the heat was fierce and I was tired, more than ready to end a short week of riding but great recovery.

Back to the Mountain!

My frist day back to hawes! 3 weeks and 2 days after the incident. The leg felt might good, still hiding from the sun until Friday next week cuase of my anti biotics I played around on very familiar trails, it was great and exciting.