Tuesday, August 24, 2021


Today was one of those days when nature just puts a smile on your face, I was in awe most the ride. I was completely soaked from head to toe from not rain but sweat which was fine but man that was a great one!

Sunday, August 22, 2021


Off for my Friday ride, te air still thick but ambition high I rode the triple ridge, so so sooooo good!

Nice nice nice

So I sent my bike in last week for some spoke tension work, so I was kind of excited to get on the Belltown for something different. It felt super good back on it, it's humid as crazy but cloud cover was in my favor Wednesday. I made it up to the top of Alpe faster than usual, maybe those 175mm cranks speed me up eh. I will say the bike is sooooo squeaky! I rode som RMR and then up Twisted Sister, some ruts but not from tires.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

3 rattlers and Saguaro bouquet

Uggghhhh the first one was on before sun rise on Goat, then a really close call on RMR, ran me off the trail and I popped off in a safe spot, it was pissed, I wasn't feeling much different. I pedaled on and back up the ridge where I got the bright idea to drop into cactus garded and make my way around. I knew it was going to add 30 minutes but to have RMR, Gidro and Twisted sister in one ride it was stoked on the effort. It wasn't all that bad either when I was all said and done, came across yet another rattler and a confused Saguaro in full bloom mode!


Called this one Beaut and I meant it, some of the ocotillo are starting to signal fall with some color changing leaves, a little early but bring it on! The rest of the desert is glowing and dirt is good. Body and bike are great, I can ride forever just not very fast by my standards. Life is good!

Romping around

I was a little beat and mixed it up a bit, aftera rip on RMR I rode the lwoer trails, hopped onto that new one, came across a mellow rattler in the wash, it didn't move and that made me happy. I fiddled around some more for a nice 20 miles.

Spring in August

Its pretty sticky out there still but man the rain has been great, the desert is soooo green, it brought out this snakey fella on a sketchy section, so glad to run into anything that's not a rattler. Picked up some trash as usual on my way out, still trying to make a difference.


Man it sure is magical when you get up as high as Red Mounain Rampage takes you, loooooove that long downhill too! It's been alot of Hawes lately but no one is complaining!

Monday, August 9, 2021

Time for tires

Oh man I was sliding all over the place going up Alpe, it's time for new tires! I was making so much racket going up I am sure the people in front of me where wondering what the heck was going on. Also got a nasty little creak I got to get to work on after putting a new chain on.

Thursday, August 5, 2021