Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I must have

Looks soooo fun!


ride with pat very good one

Pure joy

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Thirst Friday

Got out for an hour yesterday and Basqued in the weathers glory. I only had an hour since I was sticking nearby with a sick wife. It felt absolutely amazing out on the trail! I'm such a lucky guy to be living right at hale, I am so thankful for every single ride I can do! Today I got out again with time restraints this time 90ish minutes, I cranked hard n fast and then played on some logs and then sped some more. Another incredible day and I'm the luckiest dude in the world!

Pure joy

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Hale afternoon delight quick

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fresh Meat

finally! I had some free time to get somewhere brand new I have never ridden. The destination was Nassahegan and my time window was two hours or so of solid riding. I had a crankfire map and fresh legs. The map was pretty useless and ended up on some really great stuff. I headed right across form the soccer fields and got on some really tight single track that was smooth. I was off to a good start and every time I hit fire road I found my way to the next piece of lovely smooth trail. I became disoriented with options eventually but was able to stick to some extremely fun mountain bike trails. I was blown away how smooth they were! I managed to find my way for the most part back to where I started to explore some more trails on the other side of the road. I found they some more great trails, they were short on features and rocks but there made up for it with really well built trails. It's pretty tough going into a new place since you aways want to have an idea of where your going but sometime you just have to roll with it. After two hours of trying to find good trails I did a very good job. The next trip I will surely have more of an idea of what I want to do and ride much much more trails instead of figuring out where I am headed. I absolutely cannot wait to get back this place rocks! Everytrail failed on me for a distance since I took a pic on it while making a phone call....FAIL

Nassahegan 1st ride

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Yesterday morning

got out on a quick rip in the morning and rode some nice moist singletrack. Hale was eery with a small bit of fog and a sun showing slightly through the woods. Only and hour long ride but certainly did the trick. I love the time change cause I can now do morning rides right from the house!!!!!! can you say awesome!

Morning quickie

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Monday, March 19, 2012


came a across this today, wonder if it works on a bike

Saturday Delight

Luckily the weather had provided another good day riding. The clouds were dark and threatening for a rain shower but when I arrived to the trail head the skies allowed the sun to shine down on my as soon as I got pedaling. I couldn't help but think it was a gift from above since I was extremely happy to be riding and this was my last ride in Utah for a very long time. The legs felt a little weird after yesterdays 4.5 hours of riding but they performed as normal soon into the ride. This was by far more time I have been up dry creek. I pedaled up it a total of 4 times in two days, usually one ride up it is punishing enough but my east coast legs provided to be tougher. Riding the last 1.5 years in CT had made me a much stronger rider, despite large mountains it somehow did...........well I pedaled up that big mother and enjoyed some of the best views a trail can offer looking down on the city. It was one nice day, in the 60's and there I was on my way on one of my favorite trails heading to my all time favorite trail. I did not want this moment to end but after storming down bobsled and back at the car I was forced to return the bike back to my friends bike shop...........extremely thankful I got to ride and loved every second of it, thank you Utah for having such a crappy winter! I can't remember ever riding in March!

Dry creek to bobsled

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Can't get no betta

Wholly crap, what a day! I arrived in Salt Lake to the dry stuff up behind the Unversity of Utah. Brent had 30 or so minutes to pedal with me so we got cracking. Quickly my heart rate was adjusting. The background of the magnitude of the Wasatch made for one more beautiful backdrop. The sun just peeking over them was hitting most of the Oquirrh Range glowing in orange on the snowy peaks. This was going to be one good morning as I knew from the moment I woke up. We pedaled up the pavement and then hit gravel and then Dry Creek. Brent hadn't done much riding lately since in Utah usually your on a mandatory 4-5 month winter downtime. He did a great job keeping up with this guy who rides probably too much sometimes. I kept throwing him memories like oh man remember and it was great to be on that trail one more time with a good friend. We cranked up to the overlook and things were feeling pretty good. Unfortunately this was our turn around point with the time Brent had so we shot back down the hill and then we parted ways. I cranked back up Dry Creek Canyon once again, with a fierce heart and fresh legs I conquered it once again clean. By now the sun was hitting the upper trail and glowed in bright beams of yellow. Off I went storming up and down the shoreline trail taking in great views of the city. I was missing my furry pal who used to run these trails with me..... I soon arrived at olympic hill, cleaned it. Onwards until I hit the top of Bobsled trail where I won the lottery and found it dry. I tore down the top bit and hit mud and got worried but shortly it cleared. The GT was hurting, the fork had seen an entire summer of abuse and the brakes were not much better. None the less I kept the bike well in control and stormed down the berms and came upon the first car jump. The trail is constantly evolving and this had me take the wrong line and came up short....sketchy since the safe roof landing is gone now. I retraced my steps and found the new line that must be taken and stomped the car section. Feeling pretty good by then and made my way down the rest. By the end I had a smile ear to ear, I was in absolute heaven that I just got to complete my favorite trails of all time one more time. I really have no idea when I will be back in Utah so this was cherished. I proceeded to pedal for 4.5 hours and 27 miles of pure awesome!

hate youtube!!!! had to use their lame music

Greatest day! Utah

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Something New On Two Wheels

Today we were at one of the many cool high end shopping districts and this one happens to have adventure center which so happens to have a wave surfing setup and while we were there we stumbled upon tandem bikes. They were basic cruiser bike setups for two and had 7 gears. LuAnn was very interested in taking them out so we dished out 8 bucks and headed onto the paved bike trail nearby chasing Michelle and Francisco. The paved bike trail was very pleasant, it was nicely paved and had two lanes and running lane so three total. We crossed under the road and soon we were heading up Provo Canyon. This is where the Provo river lies, one of the best fishing rivers in all of North America. I have had the pleasure of fishing for it's bounty and enjoyed it quite well. As we pedaled the bike would flex quite a bit if we didn't keep things symetrical and luckily we kept things in control. It was strange feeling the horsepower coming form my little one in the rear, she was having a blast and so was I. As we returned I took in the scent of the mountains, and grew sad and desperately miss that smell I encountered whenever I headed into the incredible forest that blankets the Wasatch range. After 5 miles of biking we ended back at the place and sat down for a nice dinner. It was a great first time encounter on a tandem and am glad I can add it to my biking career LOL. I was exceptionally happy to be able to experience it my my loved one too!

By the way I picked up the same GT Sensor I rented 6 months ago and I am riding tomorrow with my best buddy Brent! I have four hours to ride and limited terrain due to snow thawing but I will be able to ride a very old friend of mine "The Bonneville Shoreline Trail" I'm fricken pumped!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Once a Year

We are in Utah and loving it, the weather has been in the 50s and shorts and t shirts are mandatory. Clear views of the mountains offer consistent inspiring views of the Wasatch. Shortly after we landed we stuffed our faces with the amazing sandwiches that only moochies can prepare, a tomato feta for LuAnn & Michelle, and Philly Cheesesteaks for the guys. We landed nice and early around 2:30 so we had plenty of day left. It was good to be back which feels like home but really is a second home. As we drove down the highway I spotted many new high end building's and shopping centers and all just brand spanking new, are these people feeling any of the hurt from the economy misery that is seen in CT? Seriously it's amazing how many nice but cheap housing divisions and movie theaters could go up in just 6 months.....We are back and it feels might good. Monday I got my chance to hit the snow, it wasn't superb conditions but I will state them as good. Utah is quite under the annual average snowfall but luckily even that still provides good snow coverage. I even questioned using my two snowboard days as mountain bike days I could do with making trips down south but LuAnn wasn't having it. So I hit snowbird this morning to bring back some good memories of the season I spent operating the Mid Gad lift. The weather was perfect, the snow has taken a beating every day with a warm sun and then freezing overnight temps. It remained slick in the morning and with a strong wind all day didn't change it much. The snowboard felt awkward and my new boots absolutely annoyed my legs but I carried on. I felt really uncomfortable on the snowboard and felt way crappier than I thought I was. I guess conditions and this guy getting older may be affected? who knows. I don't know if I will go another day snowboarding but we will see. Maybe I can make a bike ride happen...... I just don't know. In the mean time we are having one heck of a time!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good Stuff

The weather is amazing and life is good. Got on a wednesday night ride with a few familiar faces and pedaled my face off. The guys were exceptionally quick that night and I was struggling to keep their lights in my view. Bentley kept me good company but didn't really hold a conversation as I found myself talking to him. Pretty standard night at case really.

Thursday I found myself taking in the beautiful day as soon as I woke up. I was not going to be into work this day so I had some chores and packing and eventually hitting the trails! Come afternoon I was ready to ride and as I wondered where and when Pat texted and was looking to ride so Hale we went. I went rigid SS and did not regret it as I taught myself all over how to ride it. Amazing what one week off of it does to me, the legs felt ok as I chased Pat once again ona bike 10 pounds heavier than me.... rode the new log rides in great success! Overall a great day, despite the tick fest. I pulled three creepy crawlers off of me and I pulled probably 6 off of the dog. Hate those buggers.....No more rides for me on trails anyway, I have left my hipster SS at my in laws so I will ride on the road at a chance I get...... Bring on UTAH!!!!!!!!!!

Hale is so warm

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012