Monday, March 19, 2012

Saturday Delight

Luckily the weather had provided another good day riding. The clouds were dark and threatening for a rain shower but when I arrived to the trail head the skies allowed the sun to shine down on my as soon as I got pedaling. I couldn't help but think it was a gift from above since I was extremely happy to be riding and this was my last ride in Utah for a very long time. The legs felt a little weird after yesterdays 4.5 hours of riding but they performed as normal soon into the ride. This was by far more time I have been up dry creek. I pedaled up it a total of 4 times in two days, usually one ride up it is punishing enough but my east coast legs provided to be tougher. Riding the last 1.5 years in CT had made me a much stronger rider, despite large mountains it somehow did...........well I pedaled up that big mother and enjoyed some of the best views a trail can offer looking down on the city. It was one nice day, in the 60's and there I was on my way on one of my favorite trails heading to my all time favorite trail. I did not want this moment to end but after storming down bobsled and back at the car I was forced to return the bike back to my friends bike shop...........extremely thankful I got to ride and loved every second of it, thank you Utah for having such a crappy winter! I can't remember ever riding in March!

Dry creek to bobsled

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