Friday, March 16, 2012

Something New On Two Wheels

Today we were at one of the many cool high end shopping districts and this one happens to have adventure center which so happens to have a wave surfing setup and while we were there we stumbled upon tandem bikes. They were basic cruiser bike setups for two and had 7 gears. LuAnn was very interested in taking them out so we dished out 8 bucks and headed onto the paved bike trail nearby chasing Michelle and Francisco. The paved bike trail was very pleasant, it was nicely paved and had two lanes and running lane so three total. We crossed under the road and soon we were heading up Provo Canyon. This is where the Provo river lies, one of the best fishing rivers in all of North America. I have had the pleasure of fishing for it's bounty and enjoyed it quite well. As we pedaled the bike would flex quite a bit if we didn't keep things symetrical and luckily we kept things in control. It was strange feeling the horsepower coming form my little one in the rear, she was having a blast and so was I. As we returned I took in the scent of the mountains, and grew sad and desperately miss that smell I encountered whenever I headed into the incredible forest that blankets the Wasatch range. After 5 miles of biking we ended back at the place and sat down for a nice dinner. It was a great first time encounter on a tandem and am glad I can add it to my biking career LOL. I was exceptionally happy to be able to experience it my my loved one too!

By the way I picked up the same GT Sensor I rented 6 months ago and I am riding tomorrow with my best buddy Brent! I have four hours to ride and limited terrain due to snow thawing but I will be able to ride a very old friend of mine "The Bonneville Shoreline Trail" I'm fricken pumped!

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