Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trumbull fun

So I finally got back to Trumbull since it is only 10 minutes from work and gives me enough time to get there just after 4:00 and ride for almost two hours. Trumbull lacks in fun long XC but makes up for it in fun technical rocky features. It has a very strange layout and that it's tucked in a small valley on a hillside above the stream. I got to pedaling and brought back some great memories when I got my first real mountain bike back in 2003 probably, it was a specialized rock hopper hard tail. I remember my first ride at Trumbull I thought this bike was the sickest thing. Little did I know some 9 years later I would be on a different beast of a bike which I am sure is the sickest one out there. Trumbull is narrow and there is an dizzy maze of trails very short and sometimes just cut thrus. This has been my 3rd time out there in the last year and it's certainly different every time. I found some really fun challenging features which all worked out smooth and well. It was really warm out there and I found sweat pouring down my face despite high 30 degree temps, I am not looking forward to the hot muggy summer riding. I was having a blast out there riding and saw only one other rider, I ran out and back twice and linked some good trails and had myself a good time. I certainly have it good doing most my riding in northern CT. I like trumbull but I don't love it like I can say about most the spots I ride.

Not anything crazy just a quick roller, used a stick to prop it, not the greatest angle since it doesn't show much of the ride....

Lots of trumbull

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