Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Clouds are great

All weekend we had these fantastic cloudy morning skies, I was slightly bummed I was not eperiencing them on my bike but come Monday I got in on one of them. It almost feels cooler out but it's still 100F, can't wait for the cool down to say I made it thru another summer in the desert.

Which way to Phoenix?

I still don't know the meaning behind this sign, I am going to google it. I Got togther with my friend Ryan, decided to take him on my new loop, it was good to have company as I normally forget since I can be quite anti social. Nice way to close out the Friday for a weekend or rest.

Misty Magic

The day of rain came and let me say it was refreshing, the next morning it was mega humid with 95% humidity and 85F and I was out to get in on some incredible scenery. The fog was dense in the morning, like I have never seen it I think, by the time I got to the ride spot it was mostly clear but some glitter was still in the air that made for an awe inspiring start. I put a new loop together in my head. The loop was great along with the weather!

Weatherous Treat

Well I managed to find some clouds, still plenty of sun but we are in for some rain later in the day and holy smokes does it feel like it really can't happen but the weather people say so. This was a pretty ride, clean air and healthy body

Desert Classix

Oh Desert Classic, never very exciting but never that bad

Monday, September 17, 2018

Mid Sept

Here we are, now mid September and heat advisories still being posted. I am pissed, I have had enough of this heat, a break is coming wednesday, maybe even rain, I am looking VERY forward to it cooling.

Not all too bad

Legs started off very wonky on this one, they warmed up shortly though as they do by the time Friday rolls around, slightly more upbeat on this ride but nothing off the charts, a good roll on the dirt and looking forward to two days off the bike.


CT has been on my mind ALOT, those green trees outside the window, cool air, birds chirping, owls hooting, bugs more chirping, winding country roads, homes with yards, and most importantly sweet sweet shaded tree filled moist dirt trails. For now my home is here in Puke Valley, sometimes harder than other times to step back and remember how good I have it even here in Phoenix, still I yearn for rural life, anyway thats where my mind was on this ride and has been for some time. Riding is good I can't complain, but dang that sun is always blasting......

Steel Beast

I got the belltown all switched over which only consists of putting my wheels on from my Trek, they're two slightly different bikes both with fnatastic ride qualities. It's always fun to make the switch over, I forget how lucky I am to have two bikes!

New Lost Sheep Trail

Went on a ride over at Usery, passed a new trail a few weeks ago that read lost sheep, I haven't ridden it yet but this ride out of curiousity checked it out. Turns out it wasn't too shabby, its a direct and decent route to the nature center, narrow and good, theres so much more room for beter trails at Usery but they still do nothing.

Pick me up n take me away

Another Monday in the saddle, another Hawes ride, got buzzed by some US military on my ride, was freaking awesome! Still not feeling the valley right now, lots of shaded trees and crisp fall air on my mind, ofcourse I am not talking about AZ.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Hawes Mix N Match

I ran threw some trail route ideas in my mind, it changed on the fly as I went and ended with a good result, now on day 12 of rides, feels totally fine I must say, body or mind was in no way looking for a break in the cycle, but I do feel this binge needs to coe to an end on Saturday since I need to stop sometime right. This ride was fine and dandy, getting time for tires soon, dreaming of fall in the northeast or somewhere in Utah, for now I keep dreaming while understanding how extremely fortunate I am for all things in my life

September heat

It's September, very much looking forward toa cool down, not that its coming soon but in the next two months it will crawl and I will take that. Weather doesn't really get good unitl December but the fact it's noe Septeber is a morale boost. This ride was bland and fine a good day to ride on a cloudless hot Phoenix monring in good health and on a great machine.

Trucking along

Trucking along, AKA getting by, time to ride so off I went, the sun was hot, the ride was fine

Back To AZ and not happy

Well the time had to come, I am happy to be back with my wife and kiddo, happy to report all things went smoothly while I was gone, I got home Monday about 8pm and was wiped out. Tuesday morning I had a empty house after the kiddo went to school so natuarally I went out on my bike. It went ok, had alot of thoughts running thru my mind but the ride was pleasant and mission accomplished.

Last one :( Huntington for the win

Ok Monday morning was my last crack at a ride, it was up and early for me and I got riding at the crack of light. Let me just say riding under the canopy of trees has been incredible, all aspects have been incredible to be honest! This morning was humid! 97% humid! I was feeling the last 8 days straight of rides, but stillplenty of enough in the tank to enjoy 90 minutes of Huntington. I had more of a mission to hit the north end of the trails, by the time I made it up there after some easy riding I wish I had more time, what I did ride was great however and something to look forward to. The humidity felt great, the whole trip has been a success and really really made me not miss the desert what so ever, so much that I could move back to CT and enjoy the North East. Oh please make this next 1.5 years go by fast and hope so badly we can settle down somewhere for good wherever the heck it is, just not near a city!

Rockland Rocks!

Well after some thought I ended up at Rockland very early Sunday morning, with questionable legs and eager ambition I was ready to hit the trail very early. Having been to Rockland just once, it was going to a navigating mess but I was armed with a good trail map and plenty of time. It was a rough start but legs warmed up quick and I enjoyed a full dose of Rockland, the mix of easy and technical and flow was pretty dang good. I hit pretty much all of everything I wanted to, leaving another trip in the future to finish up the last little bits, again after 2 hours I was very very pleased and headed home along beauitful backcountry roads to another relaxing day with the family.

Case Mountain for the win!

Wow I cna say I was most excite to get back to Case Mountain, Derek told me a few weeks ago when I asked him to join me on a ride that I woudn not recomend the place, turns out he was spot on! 90% of the ride I had no idea I was even at Case. John Jisch joined us as well and the two older gentlemen put the beat down on me as usual, we rode some really really good trails. Case is not very technical and that was welcomed as I was fighting to kepp up somewhat, I noticed a little fatigue around hour 1 of 2 but I just kept chuggin on getting served up some lush cool perfect green session in the woods. When the ride was done I was complete, I wanted to ride more but my mind and bosy said tomorrow is another day and I was excited to get home and be with family. I must say riding in CT s far has been a dream come true, its just as good as I remember it, even better actually!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

New England Shake DOWN!

holy crap! I was not prepared for how awesome it was going to feel to be back in CT< the greenery, the humidity the trails I was in state of euphoria. I wanted to see how the bike was running since the next day I had a ride scheduled with some friends and wanted things in tip top shape. After a few minutes of sleep the night before on the red eye I was a bit beat but every bit excited to ride! The ride actually lifted me up and a surge of energy came in and I had a great ride. I tried to ride what I remembered in my head and then used some trail map to figure out the rest. Some wrong turns were made but more rights than wrong, I use what memory I did have from the past and some on trailforks. I had unlimited time to ride but was anxious to get back home to spend time with my parents. after a little over an hour I was smiling from ear to ear and was sooooo happy

Off to greener pastures

Here we go last ride in AZ for August! I am so excited to be heading to CT for some family time and bike rides! I have not been back in years now and CT trails have been fondly on my mind. I rolled out on a red eye that night but first I was getting my last dose of dirt before the journey.

Spring again

Looks like the rain has still worked its magic, the flowers are blooming and it really looks like spring all over again, no real problem with that at all as long as temperatures aren't nuts, this was the Hawes classic loop I do.

Mega Mellow

Well the title mega mellow pretty much sums it up, wanted to go soemwhere else to ride and ended up at Usery, fast and spinny I can't complain :)

Later August

Ok lets get augst done and over with! Here we go into Monday for a heavy week of riding. It was all standard wandard and Hawes was the victim. Rolled up the neighborhood pavements and shredded down at a good clip, then is was xc from there