Thursday, May 22, 2014

Case O Twenty

Well off I went again, my wife is awesome, she has offered to take the boy again so dad can get out on another ride. I forgot my helmet and remembered 5 minutes form home thank goodness! I cannot even remember the last time that happened. I did not know what to expect after Crandalls not going well the morning before but what would you know I felt stronger than Mondays ride. I headed out fast and spent a bit of time trying to decide what routes to take, usually I put more effort into figuring it out before the ride but oh well kind of kept things un predictable. I used the fern climb twice since I planned to ride Graveyard but last minute decided to rip down Tinti trail instead. Then I made my up to Johns DH, took a little different way up to it and sorted out well. Then made my way to top of nut and misty mountain and then the rest was history. Hit the car with still plenty of leg left but made my 20. Pretty pumped to end the ride week on a 3 day binge with 50 miles.

Case o twenty

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Crandalls peg legged

Well knowing I had to Wednesday to ride since I will be off the bike a week or two, desperation set in and off I went at 5am to Crandalls to get a ride in before the family woke. Wow so much light, what a difference, at 5am it's well into enough light to ride, probably could ride at 4:30 without a light if your wild enough. Having just rode a hefty 20 miles the day before, as I began to climb things weren't feeling pretty. Crandalls has a funny way of making you feel like you climbed twice what the satellites say. Needless to say it was a beautiful crank that mooring and pretty uneventful. I got home and of course Landon slept in big time so I could of rode longer but honestly I was struggling hard to even make it a 90 minute ride so I got lots of things done when I got home.


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Mansfield Hammer

Oh what a day, the weather has been absolutely outstanding! Spring has been a big deal this year, probably mostly cause it's my last and also its been another tough winter and stress is max around here. I got some free time that allowed me to get me a longer ride like I have been wanting. I was set on Mansfield Hollow and hit the trail and was off running. The goal was at least 20 miles, and I would be pushing light limits but I had my headlamp in the pack and ready to go if need. I rode the Schoolhouse side which was great, still a few spots surprisingly in tough shape with water. I was whipping thru the Schoolhouse and having a good time doing it as well. Soon I crossed the road and was in the state park side ridding mellow wide trail to get to the other good stuff. The lollipop was closed so I was not going to be able to add that in, so made my way around the lake. The lake I must say looked spectacular, the lighting and time of the day was really a sight. Rode the rollers and then I was on my way up stoned hill, feeling a bit less gas I did make it up no problem and then had a slow ride down the DH. By now I had not much left but crossing the road and making a small loop to close out the ride and just in time since lighting was so very close to being headlamp worthy. Such a good ride, felt good to start the week off right.

Mansfield hammer

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thursday squeeze

another tough week to get on the bike, I had somehow managed two ride and has a bit of karma waiting for me from ride number two but I will get to that later. Thursday nights are the Hale regular and I was faced with the decision to have one of my last rides with them or travel or just go solo. I decided to join them so I pre rode for 25 minutes before the ride. When I did make it over it got going in a little bit and was a smallish group of 5 of us. Felt great out I am not going to lie and I was so stoked to be riding. Things kicked off quick and I found myself moving backwards since I was in a mellow mood and was not feeling like pushing it but that is the way I like it. Shortly one of our tubeless pals got a flat, and in went a tube. It sucked having to stop cause the mosquitoes were out and in attack mode. After 10 minutes we were back on our merry way, and climbing and found myself getting in the groove. Then another mechanical, a drive train issue had everyone stopped for 15 minutes or so, I was anxious to be moving and contemplated to head off on my own ride but I hung in there so I did not look like a dirt bag. Another rider hung back withe the un repaired casualty so wer were down to 3 of us heading in the reverse standard loop. It was fun to mix that up, I have been meaning to do this for some time. At the end of the ride I was struggling with a feeling of a busy in my mind, there is a lot going on at home and for the first time in a long time I was not focused on my riding. So I was slacking as I found myself loosing my fellers in the distance. No big deal, I am still riding and chugging along even if my mind was not entirely on riding. I rode home and got in and has food on my mind but before I could do anything I had to take care of some floaters the kid left in the tub during his bath that I made for him when I felt with his Mom. It was a small price to pay for 2.5 hours of riding so I happily cleaned the mess up. Next week is my last week likely riding in CT and I hope I can get a few rides in before Thursday.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monday Ripper

Had some weather and obligations to not ride last weekend, no surprise there, I have been off the 3 rides I would like but I can take two! This week I was pumped to start with a ride, I did all I needed to have Landon ready for his evening with his mom and I shot off in the car by 5:30. I was aimed for Case since I am still loving mixing it up there and its dry and good right now. Things were nice and dry and I started picking trails left and right that I have not ride in maybe a year or so. I was riding loving the mix, legs were feeling fine, a little behind on the body and mind since I have had a few restless nights. By the time I started making my way to Tinti I was wondering if I was making a right choice. With maybe 1 or 3 rides this week I decided to push it. Coming down Fern I got a little fuzzy from the trails from there, all trails I have been on but slightly confusing network. I was at the car craving more but needed to head home and spend some time with my lady and have some grub. Another week of weather is coming, I am going to try to get out Wednesday since I have scouts tuesday, lets hope it happens.

Case rip

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This Thursday just marked the 4 week countdown to leaving the state. This ride was might good, I included some pavement I am guily but I had to to make this loop happen. It was a awesome mix of Hollow, I was feeling good and as usual not ready to stop riding!

Hollow exterior

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sweet Tuesday

This week like most are busy, Landon has been doing his normal thing and LuAnn has been mega busy/stressed with the biggest exam of her life coming this month, but like a persistent child I keep sneaking rides in like normal. Tuesday we had a special Dr. apt for my son and it had us on the other side of the state, but we were back home by 2 and turns out the little man did not take a nap that day. I was pretty impressed as he handled it like a champ, he even had 90 minutes on the way home to take a snooze but like is hyperactive dad he just watched videos on the ride home. He is getting big, it's completely insane how he grows from week to week. Shortly after we get to Utah I have to get him hi first bike, it's time and he needs it, this kid is always on the move! So anyway I put the boy to sleep and off I went on a ride, it had to be Hale since I was short on time and this one was going to be a 90 minute spin. Spring is still in the early stages and is making looking thru these eyeballs every day so pleasant, it truly warms my soul. I must say the past two winters have been the hardest of my life, as a husband and a primary caregiver to my son Landon and as a massive bike maniac I had days were I was borderline losing sanity. I have a ton to be thankful for and love each and every day of life but with lack of sun and cooped up inside with a kiddo its tough for someone like me. So anyway each day I step out into spring I about kiss the ground in appreciation that it came. So this ride had a special tone, little green weeds starting to grow, low brush beating the trees to the punch, ferns unraveling a spool of flowery greatness! With exactly 4 weeks left in CT I am taking it all in, the seasons are heavy here in the NE and I respect them. Anway I was off riding hale, feeling good, finally got the fire under my legs, still not bale to ride as much or as long as normal but happy to be out. It was a solid ride, onto the next one.


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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Well like 3 days a week of riding is not enough I still usually can fill my riding glass half full at the end of the week. Every year it can get worse, my wife has to put up with my obsessive bike disorder. Like any other OBD you try to find any way to get more trail time. For me it meant waking early Saturday, I have been wanting to get on some longer rides of 3+ hours, but since I am not a night rider that is pretty hard for me to do. I mean really 90 minutes is perfect and 2 hours is great, but 3 hours is where it's at. Still most places within commuting distance are pretty worn out but Case has loads of different fresh ways to link the trails. So off I went and was on the trail by 5:30. Plenty of light pouring into the skies now, a dark reminder of a few weeks ago in 16F black mornings dying to see the sky turn blue so the woods would stop creeping me out. Anywho, I started off down the new stuff and then up fern and around to Birch mountain rd and then down the rock and then from there I took a little off section to not overlap trail. Then I was back at the bottom of fern and then made the tough choice to climb Shank Juice. Threw down harder than normal which was due to getting some fitness back, always a pleasure. Down good ol tinti and off to ride John's downhill. By then the legs were feeling a bit dented but still doing just fine. Up misty mountain, easier climb than I remember, then the nut trail which has gotten WIDE. Standard issue from there, I was hoping for an easy 20 and hit my mark, I definitely did not ride the least hilly climbs. I arrived to the pretty stoked on the morning and set off home for whatever other adventures awaited.


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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tuesdays despirations

It was slightly painful watching rain move in as I was preparing to put the boy down to sleep and then head out for a hopeful 90 minute pedal. I set out the door to retrieve my bike and saw the rain had begun, it was really light rain and looked like it had just passed thru and I had time before the next band. It was pretty cool and in my mind I almost said screw it, just go back inside, but no I was like see how it is. Sure enough the trails were just fine, just enough damp to keep things hairy, to be honest I like riding these conditions, not so much for climbing since I have only one gear and that torque makes wet climbs tough. I cranked as hard as I could to get as much trail in as I could. I was pushing into the evening as it began to mist and tinkle a little, no bother I still had time. Made it 1/3 of the way onto AL's when I pulled the plug and headed home with my light on and to the house. Not bad I got 80 minutes and 8 miles, I will take that anytime over no riding.

Damp hale

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