Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monday Ripper

Had some weather and obligations to not ride last weekend, no surprise there, I have been off the 3 rides I would like but I can take two! This week I was pumped to start with a ride, I did all I needed to have Landon ready for his evening with his mom and I shot off in the car by 5:30. I was aimed for Case since I am still loving mixing it up there and its dry and good right now. Things were nice and dry and I started picking trails left and right that I have not ride in maybe a year or so. I was riding loving the mix, legs were feeling fine, a little behind on the body and mind since I have had a few restless nights. By the time I started making my way to Tinti I was wondering if I was making a right choice. With maybe 1 or 3 rides this week I decided to push it. Coming down Fern I got a little fuzzy from the trails from there, all trails I have been on but slightly confusing network. I was at the car craving more but needed to head home and spend some time with my lady and have some grub. Another week of weather is coming, I am going to try to get out Wednesday since I have scouts tuesday, lets hope it happens.

Case rip

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