Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sweet Tuesday

This week like most are busy, Landon has been doing his normal thing and LuAnn has been mega busy/stressed with the biggest exam of her life coming this month, but like a persistent child I keep sneaking rides in like normal. Tuesday we had a special Dr. apt for my son and it had us on the other side of the state, but we were back home by 2 and turns out the little man did not take a nap that day. I was pretty impressed as he handled it like a champ, he even had 90 minutes on the way home to take a snooze but like is hyperactive dad he just watched videos on the ride home. He is getting big, it's completely insane how he grows from week to week. Shortly after we get to Utah I have to get him hi first bike, it's time and he needs it, this kid is always on the move! So anyway I put the boy to sleep and off I went on a ride, it had to be Hale since I was short on time and this one was going to be a 90 minute spin. Spring is still in the early stages and is making looking thru these eyeballs every day so pleasant, it truly warms my soul. I must say the past two winters have been the hardest of my life, as a husband and a primary caregiver to my son Landon and as a massive bike maniac I had days were I was borderline losing sanity. I have a ton to be thankful for and love each and every day of life but with lack of sun and cooped up inside with a kiddo its tough for someone like me. So anyway each day I step out into spring I about kiss the ground in appreciation that it came. So this ride had a special tone, little green weeds starting to grow, low brush beating the trees to the punch, ferns unraveling a spool of flowery greatness! With exactly 4 weeks left in CT I am taking it all in, the seasons are heavy here in the NE and I respect them. Anway I was off riding hale, feeling good, finally got the fire under my legs, still not bale to ride as much or as long as normal but happy to be out. It was a solid ride, onto the next one.


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