Friday, February 26, 2021

Loved that

Another loop around the mountain on Friday, was easier than normal I supose, threw in secret loop and that that felt delcious!

Cross the country

Started off at the pass and the plan was to go up twisted sister which it has been a bit, the ride river view the harder way, then off to the lower salt river to see what the grasses and trees are doing. Turns out they are not as far along as I thought, another two weeks and I am sure it will look like a magical kingdom down there though. I did something a little different and pedaled back up the way I came and made for a really great ride.

Love my Hawes

Double ridge sessiona and beyond I took the trail in the opposing direction down by bush hwy, wasn't all that great but gave me another option for another loop, I counted 6 loops in that ride, great stuff!

Belltown abuse test

I hesitantly took the bellotown around the mountain. It did it all quite comfortable, the welds held up and should be ready for anything, granted it likely will snap at soem point so I am still trying to get my hands on a 2021 Salsa Timberjack frame for backup to the backup. Great ride, some little clouds around and cooler.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Only a matter of time

They put up a big old sign for the trailhead today, I am not surprised, exit and entering the site has become dangerous. I was off for 2 hours and and did a double ridge with a little twist :)

That's comfy

I took the steel rig out for a ride Thursday. Kept it mellow and then climbed some of red rock rampage, that was a wonderful but tough climb. I didn't go all the way up to the end where it's still in progress but enough to know this is a beautiful fun trail!

Green Canyon

Robbie sent me a message last nigth that he was not able to make the trip after not being able to get his tire to seal. I was bummed but not worried about it, I went of my normal morning ride and hit Gold Canyon. A really nice powerful ride over there, I decided to ride the ridge the right way, it was much more pleasant. Picked up a KOM on cow pie west which was a surprise but then again I am sure it won't hold for lone, GC sees way less people than most.

Down with you i9

Went the fun way around the mountain this morning, haven't been in a little while, when I was on my way up Alpe I managed to snap two spokes, climbing! This being a total of 4 spokes now in the last year I am pretty frustrated. I guess it's 32h from now on........ The rest of the ride was sketchy but made it on a very wobbly tire. I ran to the bike shop for a luckily fix that day since I was "supose" to go to Sedona the next day.

Spine Line

Went for my normal serving of double ridge sandwich and found the new line open on iron goat, turned out to be a pretty little spine line, one tricky narrow spot still to clear but I like it. Also I smell way too much spring.......


It was a hike up to Gidro day, always worth the effort for sure!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Crop Hoppin

By friday my day was pretty clear and I went off for a morning adventure, linked my usual route and then noticed a nice path heading east and went down in, it went all the way to Power and then the idea popped into my head to checkout the canal path. It turned out to be pretty pleasant, very cool as I came across coyotes and planes overhead and smell of cow poop.

Belltown is back from the grave!

I had this belltown frame made 2 years ago and like I said before I broke it. Brought it to a welder a week ago and today went and picked it up. I was excited to build it back up from the trek parts, I had everything I needed except fo the is post mount brake adapter. I love building bikes, easy SS's anyway. I got it together and took it for a spin, forogt how nice steel feels! I feel sooooooo much better now that I have a backup bike!

Corn roads intermission

Staying home reaped a big benefeit, I finally got rid of that leak and the radiator, felt good to take the car apart and back together successfully, now I don't have to smell or feel bad about it. I went ona neighborhood spin as soon as I was done, that felt good too, actually burned some calories!

Bouncing around

Put down a heavy hitter at Hawes, I made 5 circles on the map, felt might good and strong out there. My wife starts her boards tomorrow, I was asked to stay off the trails, I respected that request happily.

Can we get more winter please

Phew, it's getting pretty hot out there, suncreen and pouring sweat is not supose to be a thing in Febuary but it is right now. While I shouldn't be complaining and don't get me wrong it is "nice" outside but summer is already knocking on the door. Great ride, double ridge and beyond.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Nice Friday

Friday came on strong, with a double ridge sandwich and a run down to the road. Then back up to ride up the brand new maricopa madness trail, look forward to heading down it.