Thursday, October 18, 2018

Hawes Standard

Standard spin at Hawes and then picked up my mother in law at the airport who came for my sons birthday on Friday.

More GOLD!

Oh my goodness, enjoying Gold Canyon I went back to it Wednesday, it was really great, really really great!

All Good

Standard at the Hawes not much to report there

Aaaaannnd it gets even better

Wow. the heat was on in the car ride to the trail, hard a really nice breeze and it was just absolutely stunning out there in Gold Canyon! I am so lucky!

Birthday Ride!!!!!!

Saturday was my birthday, I had asked to ride flagstaff for my birthday, that wish was not granted but this ride was. I got out before the remnants of a hurricane hit us hard here in AZ. I was really watching the weather the day before and was going to ride soaked or dry. Turns out The trails were glorious and there was heavy rain for the end of my ride but it was enough to put a smile on my face. After the ride we went to Rodizio for a meat party and then a cupcake for my sweet tooth :)


Oh my goodness, the weather is incredible finally the rewards are being reaped. I went to Gold Canyon since my wife is home alot more this quarter and she can be on for any emergencies that may arise with the kiddo shall there be one. I must say Gold Canyon is in very very good shape, I don't know if its the rains smoothing the trails or humans doing trailwork but the place is in great shape. I really enjoyed the scenery and everything is green from all the rain.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Usery Perfection

Just when I thought I could not have seen a more beautiful morning this one was right up there on the eyeballs. I had a loop in ind and then decided to put more miles into it, it was very very enjoyable!

Hawes Delight

With fresh cooler air under my wings ambition just slightly higher, I ran to the trails Monday morning for a good does of dirt. I found it cool and even moist, I felt just fine under power, I had to be home by 9am since my kiddo is off school this week and my wife was home with him and I was very thankful she took care of him.

San Tan Morning

San Tan early morning shred, remarkably peaceful out there in the dark of the morning, was happy to have it all to myself :)

Grip N Rip

Another picture perfect day here in AZ, th weather has cooled and I feel surprisingly shocked it can actually get cooler here still when it is so brutally hot most the year. I felt strong on this ride, and slightly faster, still one of these days I might try to stop riding mediocre and go fast, but then again I don't care either way I just enjoy my rides :)

Scenic South Mountain

WOW WOW WOW, this ride was hard to keep my eyes on the trail and not the sky, the storm was clearing out and really created a majestic setting, loved every bit of it, maybe the trail was a bit boring but the sights were fantastic!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

IN THE RAIN!!!!!!!!!

Went out in the pouring rain not knowing what to expect, turns out it was not only wet but ridculously fun, I was completely soaked but the experience had me grinning from ear to ear most the ride and no trails were hurt in the ride :)

Ohhhh farts

OK the clouds are here and hopes ar looking up, I questioned bringing my backpack for some reason and figured what the heck I will roll without it, well....... 2.5 miles in the front tire lost it's air. A cacti needle worked it's way in or out and without Stans sealant in the tire it would not seal. Without gear I was forced to do the walk of shame, I opted for a staright shot to the road and after a 20 minute walk along the trails to the road with my bike I stuck my thumb out and got a ride within a minute, what a nice fella who picked me up and dropped me at my car. I decided I would try a tube and ran my finger in the tire only to get poked and bled by two cactus needles and I said screw this and went home to fill the tire with sealant since riding with a tube is pretty useless until you can remove every bit of needle from the tire and I was not going to end up with more than the two pokes that got me already. So new sealnt and a bit frustrated but holding air I went back to ride! The whole ride it held beautifully and I was back on my way!

One more desperado

Another desperate morning ride for me, good one at that, rain and clouds are on the horizon for next week can't wait!