Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh Yeah

So a few months ago me and LuAnn had some discussions, mostly joking with my wife about having kids and how I thought she would never be into the idea of having a little crazy one running around. She finally said those magical words that my ears thought they would have never heard two months ago! It has been an idea that I always wanted somewhere in my future but never thought it would become a reality. After a very short time of trying "a few weeks" we were in disbelief at the test that read were fricken pregant! Shock mostly ran through our minds but then became a reality when we arrived at our first ultrasound and saw the little round fella's body with it's funny big head and little chicken wing arms and a fast beating heart about 170 BPS! I was the happiest guy in the world knowing our baby was alive and well. Since then we have been embracing the reality that our lives will changer forever. Yes they will be so tough, yes they will really put us to the test and see what we are made of but we will triumph. With the little knowledge of the full extent of our decision I am so thrilled and excited to welcome one of our very own into this crazy thing we call the world. Obviously whether it is a boy or girl I will surely have a strider bike ready to go before he/she can walk. Every day my life is blessed and I just can't imagine my life any differently where I am right now and I am ecstatic for the months to come! LuAnn has been absolutely great so far, she has had some nausea and most of all the ugly side effects but on the moderate side of the scale and I am very thankful for that. The second trimester has been really good with little to no side effects. She is beginning to feel little things move in her belly the last few days and it's not officially kicking and screaming yet but as the days come we are more and more excited. We bought a crib last week which was a little early but hey, we're excited parents, ok well I may be a little more excited than LuAnn but I can't blame her since she is holding all the mechanical gears and production that created this little one in the first place. Few more weeks and we know if it's a boy or girl and I couldn't be more excited! The sign!!!!
8 weeks pregant, precious
Ikea crib and expectant brothers

Unhappy Dog

So when we were in Cat Island a few weeks ago we were forced to put one of our dogs in a kennel and one in the hands of a good friend. This was the most difficult time for us since it was putting little Bowie in the hands of strangers for the very first time. I had checked all over the state at all the different facilities and this one was the one that exceeded our expectations. Bowie had never stayed over night in a kennel and we had no clue how he was going to do. He is very attached to us but he is not super clingy and emotional like some pups. So reluctantly he spent 9 days at the Paws Pet Spa. He was in a suite and we could view him from a computer or smart phone which was a blessing and painful at the same time. I could see the little guy moving around or sleeping and constantly he would dismantle his neatly made room into mayhem. I am guessing he know we were watching and wanted to let us know he was not thrilled. By the time we got him back he was his happy go lucky self and ready to go on with life outside of a room. I would bring him back to that place in a heart beat if he needed it, the staff was great and I know he was very well taken care of. This camera shot was towards the end of the stay, funny stuff. A bike ride tonight can't fricken wait! Riding Tanuki cause I am so sick of the Dawg and it moans and groans.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Got out on a ride Monday, it was pretty disappointing, the heat was intense, the Kona Dawg was sucking all around, the fork is shot and rebounds with a bang. Just after 45 minutes I was back home with a list of chores to accomplish. Really weak ride, I am looking for a ride Thursday let's hope for a better outcome! The weekend was great should get some pics up from it tomorrow.

Mini memorial day ride

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Connecticut

Thursday, May 24, 2012

After a long 6 week wait I have a new frame back in my possession. It was a bit frustrating when I came across another crack in my 2nd frame; it was in the exact spot and had me pretty disappointed. Luckily Raleigh and Central Wheel Bike Shop in Farmington CT have been so great at getting me taken care of. I am still wondering if I am doing the right thing by building up a third frame to have only the same thing happen again. With no budget to upgrade, I am forced to rebuild and hope that this 2012 frame is for some reason better than the others. When I caught glimpse of the frame it was silver which was cool since a new color was like a whole new bike right, I was happy they hooked me up with a 2012 since it might be my best shot at a redesign or maybe another frame that wouldn’t fail. The only noticeable change was that there snow is a split shell for the BB versus fully enclosed BB housing. The headset and BB bearing were about shot so I had to order new and went with FSA Pig DH Pro in hopes to have this one last more than a year. Also a replacement of the FSA bottom bracket with the indentical part might be shooting myself in the foot. When installing a few parts on the new frame to speedup the process I realized I was left with a red fork on a silver frame, how funny looking would that be! So I decided I will strip the red off of the fork and then repaint a close matching silver. This all sounds easy but I have never done this before so it will be a trial, the first part is stripping the paint and I will do that with aircraft paint remover which can supposedly be purchased at Auto stores. Hope it goes well!
Oh yea, on Sunday I rode, it was sooooo good! I was about 14 days off the bike and got cranking Saturday morning; the woods were incredibly green and weighed down in life as it brushed up against me. Almost rode over a turtle which was a first. I absolutely love life in Coventry, Hale forest is really amazing right now and I thank every day of my life and the time I get to spend out there on my bike. I have not gotten out since Sunday, but I will tonight at a group ride at Ragged. Also let’s hope tomorrow morning things will be dry enough for a ride at home. Off on an adventure this weekend, leaving for VT Friday for mine and LuAnn’s 3 year wedding anniversary, hello Green Mountain State Forest! This is one happy lucky guy! BIG BIG news coming soon!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Filmed this last night so funny, I think Bentley doesn't move much because he is too scared of the little guy ripping into him.......
Yup more water action on my superjet

Monday, May 21, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lots Of rain....Long post be bored!

Not like I would be riding if it wasn’t raining but the fact that it is makes me feel better. This week is ripping fast by as we get ready to head out Saturday on a weeklong trip. There will be no mountain biking on this trip but adventures will be plentiful. I will be with my whole family, but will have plenty of time to get some good quality time with LuAnn which she deserves. This will be our last big trip for a long time and it will be cherished. Nothing will be happening here on the b log for over a week that’s for sure. So enough pictures and reports on bike rides, let’s see some hiking or camping recaps! I did some in Utah but not nearly as much as I would like but what can you expect from a dating man. This trip was up Bell’s Canyon on my first Spring of 2007 in Salt Lake City. The Canyon is a long slit in the mountain that runs steeply just south of Little Cottonwood Canyon which many of you may or not know is where Snowbird and Alta remains. It’s pretty straight for the first few miles then makes a turn to the right where the unknown to me remains. I decided to see what was up there since I had walked up to the little reservoir and had wanted to go further. I was not expecting trails or anything spectacular but low and behold I was amazed what I found. The hike starts right off the main road going up Little Cottonwood Canyon, it’s a nice 15 minute walk up to the first pool of water. From there I found a trail on the other side of the reservoir and it went up so that’s where I was headed. Things were at a mellow incline as it followed a flowing stream some 10 feet wide at times. Then the incline increased and soon I was huffing up a steep rocky old riverbed at a good clip with no relief in sight. It eventually finally gave way to some less steep terrain but only to get good and bad at times. The view was opening into the valley as the more altitude was gained. It was amazing to say the least and just got better and better. By now the water was moving at a good pace and I could hear it in the distance but never getting close enough to see it but I certainly could hear it ripping. Soon I hit a waterfall and couldn’t believe my eyes, it was beautiful, water was tearing over the rocks as I felt the cool moist air hit my face it provided relief on this warm day. I took some photos and had to be off since I had plans to go higher despite feeling a little fatigued. I eventually came upon a level area and I couldn’t believe it, for the first time I was not on an incline which was strange, the trail had diminished and I found myself in lush tall grass that glowed bright in the afternoon sun. The stream ran shortly nearby in a very peaceful calm motion and I couldn’t help but want to just sit down and spend the afternoon in that magical spot but had to press on with the mission. Soon it got steep and the water began to rip again and I came upon yet another big waterfall. This one was taller and bounced from side to side as gravity and the mountain brought it down to earth, it was nothing short of incredible. Here I was on some random canyon on a great warm sunny day I chose to hike. I did not expect to find much but had already stumbled upon two magnificent waterfalls. Some photos were had and a good head dip at it’s base and off higher into the mountain I go. The hike became a boulder field and I really questioned going further into the unknown but loved the thought of the adventure. It was a while of on all fours and navigating a heavy mine field of avalanche torn pines but I did reach a beautiful alpine lake called upper bells reservoir. I could see fish swimming in the crystal clear lake as soon as I arrived and was in awe. I cirque lied in the background of the lake where I sat down and admired it’s beauty for the next 30 minutes. If only I had brought a pole I could have done some fishing. My stay had to come to an end so I did eventually head down and what a long ride down it was. But when I did it was the end of the day and the sun was setting after a long day hiking and that hike to this day has still remained close in my heart. One day I will re live it, when I am back living in Salt Lake!