Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Screwing around

Well I went nice and early to enjoy time under the darkness in peace and quiet. I got a lap of RMR and then dropped on down the new sunset trail. Had to walk a few features, me and the bike just weren't up with for it. Really excellent trail, going to need some more suspension though. Hammered out some miles after that rush of adrenaline.


I guess my Salsa BB fixed itself, it wasn't squealing again and felt good to be back on it. Felt really really good!

Change of plans

Off and running on Thursday, saw people running down the new Sunset trail, so I decided to have a go before it officially opened. The sign was enough for me to not go, apparently it wasn't enouh for the many others since they ignore the sign. I decided I could wait a few more days. So I headed to the other side with plans to ride river view. It felt like it's been a long time since I have been down Mine, it was great. Riverview was just as I remembered it, slightly annoying but did the trick. The rest wa history, good stuff!

Crop dustings

My sons birthday has now rolled in, and in preparation for cake and eating out I could not MTB but I had to burn some calories before the beating. Another borin ride around the neighborhood, still better than a run!

Riding off rampage anxiety

It's the best time of year, I got to watch Rampage start to finish on Friday, I really enjoyed kicking it off with Zink for the first run, I was screaming at the tv an relieved to see his first run go down, I am always so worried to see these guys wreck. The rest of the show was a big hit, despite some big crashes it was awesome. I didn't get to ride this friday since our vacation but I got to get me some on Saturday, I hit 4,000 vert, had more in the tank but that's a good days ride.


There was no bike ride on my birthday, slightly bummed about that but wasn't going to force the issue. The next day I did go on a gravel ride, it was as boring as I remembered it....

Friday, October 15, 2021

Cool, breezy and filthy

Tuesday brought more nice weather, very very poluted air, I wasn't the only one out there that's for sure. Ran into my friends who gave me a ride when I poked that hole in my leg last year, they were excited to say hi and thank me for the tire recomendation for the wifes new bike. I also notice someone I follow gearing up next to me, Kevin, first time getting to meet him, he rides with a missing leg, strong fella and great to finally meet him. Ride was great, this was my "birthday ride" while it wasn't 37 miles or anywhere cool I counted my flagstaff ride last week as my birthday ride so I won't complain.

Cooler! and Daturas are back

Finally thing have cooled down! I wore my sunglasses almost the whole ride. My wifes schedule shifted this week so I got a Monday ride with plenty of leg left. Started this one from the park and ride, around the mountain, feeling solid. Still too warm but feels good to get a little taste of winter. The Daturas bloomed again! But still don't eat them!

Never gest old

Titled never gets old cause it simply doesn't!

Back to sweating

Yea we had to come back to the valley, it was fine to be home happy and healthy. So Friday early morning it was another time to shine and pump out some miles. Classic blimbing and ran across a tarantula making it's way across the trail for a great picture.


Oh my goodness, I got the go ahead for a morning ride before we took off back home that morning. I had a really rough few nights of rest but woke up after a few hours of sleep ready to ride! My plan was decided on the fly, Shultz area or make my way to Heart trail. I wanted Heart trail but Shultz area I rode once before and was closer so I ended up there. I was nice an early and put that light to use. I might not ride up Shultz trail next time but it's a great climb and nice and cool. With no sweat and morning light trickling in I was feeling sooo good and excited! The next plan was to hop on the AZT and ride over to litte Bear. I have never ridden this trail before, last time I went up Sunset and didn't really want to do that again. The trail got narrow and rode down a ravine filled with aspens in fall color and I was sooooo happy! It felt so good as I rode on, so mad at myself for not pushing to get up here over the last few years. It was a nice pedal over to little bear and a bit rougher than expected but in a good way. Then I began to cimb little bear, nice and narrow and enough rocks to keep you on the toes. The views began to grow and the scenery lit up in absolute beauty. The grade was just right, enought to climb hard but not enough to burn out. It was nice and narrow and I'm not sure it gets ridden too much. The climb was way longer than expected and eventually when it did connect with sunset I had more climbing. The a nice descent down Sunset I was refreshed. Then onto the easy flowy ride to the car, some AZT, Moto, chimney filled with flowered meadows, pines, grass and it was absolutey beautiful. This was perfect, exactly what I was looking for and so gratful!

Family flagstaff ride

We have been veyr busy with activities and having lots of fun in Flagstaff enjoying our fall break. Landon was pushing bike ride and after a busy day Meteor crater, Walnut Canyon and Bearizona, there was just enough time to sneak out a ride. Luckily with a little research we found a perfect family trail just 10 minutes from the house. It turned out perfect! Kiddo needs a bigger bike, he now fits on his Mom's bike.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Moving and grooving

We are heading out of town to Flagstaff, I am bringing my bikes and hope and pray for a ride. For now it's one more desert shred before we take of aroun 1pm, glad to burn some calories and cannot wait for family vacation and hopefully a bike ride.

Saturday delight

It was a nice quiet morning, I did my normal habit and found myself with lots left so I went up for a record 4 times up alpe. Still lots of juice left but out of time, I wanted to hit 4,000 ft climbing but fell just short.

Rigid brake bumps

Another sick ride out on Hawes, the brake bumps on RMR are getting rough on the rigid, or rough on the bike not really me.

3 snakeys

Feeling good n strong, made my way around the mountain for the normal habit, was a bit snakey with two rattlers and gopher that gave me a scare but so glad it was!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Talking to Owls

It was a nice dark morning, lots of clouds and while I don't care for night riding, I don't mind a little before the sun comes up. I was on my first lap and just about made it to Rush and heard a hoot, looked up to find an owl on top of a Saguaro. I rarely see them ever so that was cool, I moved along and did my normal Saturday habit. I got to mix it up soon, I love this ride but don't love the traffic on Alpe.

Two triggered rattlers

Well it was a beautiful morning despite two pissed off rattlers. I did my normal climby Friday ride and man feeling might good!