Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thirsty Thursday

Well I could see conditions were looking pretty good for a Thursday ride. After being severely under powered Tuesday I wonder what kind of leg would Thursday bring. Thursday morning was not looking good, it was estimated 12F and windy, which sounded absolutely horrible. So I was left to ask my dear wife if she could take the kiddo for the end of the night so that I could join the Thursday night hale ride group. I was still pretty unsure if it was going to be ok and by 4:30pm I got my answer and she was heading home to take over Landon for the night. Luckily after a long day of school she got home in time for me to head out at 5:30, so off I went in shorts feeling pretty good. I had a good little ride over and said hello to everyone, having not seen them since the early fall. Many had new bikes, brakes, wheels etc..... I was pretty envious as usual when other riders got such nice setups but there is not much I can do about that. I would not give up my Belltown for nothing. The ride started off fast, I guess most of everyone has ahd a few rides and were already up to fitness, I was so glad as I was riding I felt pretty strong. So strong that I fell in the middle of the pack the whole ride and I was dang impressed with myself. It looks like it won't be too long of a struggle to get that fitness back after that Tick destroyed my body. Seeing Derek at the ride reminded of how sick I got that day and how it spiraled downwards into hospital visits and one heck of a sucky week/months. Oh well, I am back and while I will always have Ehrlichia chaffeensis in my body It seems to no longer play any effect in my life. Onwards with the ride, it was fast, I was heavy on the Belltown, definitely rode the snot out of it since I had Full suspensions behind me at all times. I keep hoping that the bike shop will call so I can beat up o the Raleigh as I usually do but they have not come thru yet. This was a sweet ride, only needed the light for the last 20 minutes of the ride. I can't wait for the next as usual, lots of rain this weekend so no ride, but I had a three ride week to start my season and I am happy about that big time! Hale groupy at EveryTrail
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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Well the weather was stable, very cold but stable so why not get after another one the next morning while I could. At 5:45 it was not very difficult to rise out of bed for a chilly 16F ride, which I believe was mostly due to my determination to make a ride schedule that worked with my responsibilities. So off into the darkness once again, this time with an idea to hit the trails across the way on the ridge side. I was feeling ok until I started climbing up to the ridge, it just got ugly, I had absolutely no steam in my legs. I can't remember the last time they were so hopeless, I mean NO STEAM. So it looks like I still have some recovering lost time to do but nothing I don't think can't be achieved in the next few weeks. It was another nice ride, offering a sun rise once up high and then lost the sun on the way down but still offering plenty of light. I was defeated on the trail, I found myself walking just the moderate uphills in disbelief. Pretty disappointing from a fitness standpoint, but gives me something to work towards I suppose. After humiliating myself in the woods all by myself I found pavement and rode home with my tail tucked behind me. Let's see what next ride brings, legs are still sore but on two days rest. Out with the Thursday Night Hale Whore Crew let's see what happens.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Up early to get the worm, it was dark when I woke up, the clock said 5:45 and I had my bike gear all laid out downstairs and got right to it. Armed with clothing for frigid 16F temperatures I set out on the Belltown with a headlamp lighting the early morning trail. I had no idea what to expect, would I burn out form lack of cardio for two months, or would I find snow and be hiking a bike. The woods were as creepy as they usually are when your alone in the dark with them, listening for every little noise to hopefully not disturb any mystical man eating beasts, ready at any moment to fend a ferocious animal with my bicycle. As the sky slowly turned to a rich dark blue, it was comforting knowing that sunlight would be soon following, I made the first climb, the second climb and then on the 3rd the head got dizzy as the brain thumped fiercely with each pump of blood, I feel sick, I might vomit, I hop off the bike and lie down on my back. I'm looking at the moon, it's beautiful in the sky, still dizzy I try to calm my breathing, I start to feel better as I come back to life. Onwards with the trail but ready to walk as soon as the heart elevates too high again, damn it's been too long since I rode last, why can't I take up running or that dang elliptical sitting in my house when I can't ride. The bike feels good, I feel better, the ground was caught off guard by the deep freeze while thawing which made for crusty crunchy needles at time. I hit snow, phew it's rideable. Keep them tires rolling boy, do not slow now. The sun begins to glow the horizon, come warm my bones as I cling to my ride of desperation. Trails feels good, I am feeling good, all is well and the weight lifts from my shoulders of pent up anxiety and stress of the last few months. Life is good, God is good. If your ever awake early enough to catch the sun rise in the wilderness, you would know it's a magical event that takes place while most are fast asleep or speeding down the road with their coffee to grind out another day in the world. But when your on the bike it's just another damn good day to be alive. Onwards as water instantly freezes on contact as I roll thru streams. Stay ont he controls as you ride through the rutted tire marks some ambitious riders left a few days ago. I feel pretty good, let's finish this ride. On the homestretch a part of me does not want it to end, but another part reminds me of my responsibilities, take one last picture, dang that bike looks good.

Man Up Raleigh

So remember a few months ago when I cracked the Raleigh Frame for the third time! Well the bike shop got off to a slow start with the warranty claim and after some calls I finally got them in gear and he told me the situation. The problem was that Raleigh would not stand behind the frame since apparently the bike needed to be in complete working order and not stripped down to the frame like I had done. Why exactly it took 2 months for the shop to give me this vital information is still unclear. I have been dealing with Paul from Central Wheel and while I have been pleased with some of the staff I do like Paul. I have in the past had them warranty my other frames and it's always a lengthy process but after enough phone calls I usually get their attention since it always takes a long long time. Well anyway, I drove down there a week ago and re assembled the bike in the parking lot and we planned to re submit the bike for warranty. I love how I can put the entire bike together with just an allen wrench, minus the head set. I sat on the Raleigh when completed and felt how funky it felt compared to my Belltown but love to ride both bikes and love their differences. I got a call a few days later and sure enough they will honor the warranty! I am so happy, there is a catch though, Raleigh has no frames left, so they're hunting for one somewhere and worst case scenario I have to wait til the new 2015 frames arrive in July. At this point I would have already left CT but I can have a family member go pick it up since I planned on leaving it in CT for when I come visit my parents. Stoked Raleigh will stand behind it, now hopefully since I will ride it only a few times a year it won't break! GOOOOOOO RALEIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Last week waiting the Thaw

I snagged some bike boxes from the shop, luckily Aron at Storrs Center Cycle has some bikes flowing in and had some boxes right when I needed them. I really like this shop, Aron is really great guy and extremely knowlegeable and all a round good dude. I am really hoping that I have space to fit the bikes in the trailer for the trek to Utah, if not they make great packing boxes. Soooooooo the weather this week never came thru completely but I am thankful for what it has done so far. As usual I twiddled my thumbs waiting for the thaw. Well Saturday and Sunday some people went out and I chose to sit out and wait until things froze over and were more favorable for a Monday ride. Was it going to happen I just did not know. In the mean time I have been having a blast with my little guy, he's getting so big and turning into this little man I love it, the winter has been tough and sometimes we have good and bad day, I surely love my little boy he is so great! This week he learned how to use the slide it's fantastic! Also went on a walk to check out the trials,as of Thursday they are not ready.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winter Break?

This week did not thaw as much as it needed to get into the woods, but this upcoming week will be the doom of the snow surely with expected warm temperatures and by this weekend or next week this time I will be putting rubber down on trail, it's going to be tough to make time for it with caring for the boy and Wife gone to school all the time but if it means 6am early bird rides or Dusk rides into the darkness with my headlamp then so be it. The end is near, I got lots of work to do back on the bike!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's set

Luann and Landon fly to Utah June 4th! I will follow the next day with a 2-3 day trip with a trailer, bikes on the roof and my two pooches. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief that this step is done and over with, still plenty to think and stress about but once I get into town it will be glorious. As you can imagine I am ecstatic about getting on the bike and riding and it will happen with time as we settle in, so stoked out of my mind!!!!!!!!Still waiting for snow to melt here, it has been absurdly cold and sucky the last few weeks but melting will begin tomorrow and I hope to get back riding any means necessary after we melt some snow. I hope I still have the boost from all the riding last year and not lost it in the last 3 months of few rides and long breaks.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You Old Dawg

Realizing I would not be making space for the Dawg I bit the bullet and put it up on good old Craigslist. It did not take long for the emails to storm in, I guess I had it at a very fair price which was fine by me, the Dawg owed me nothing, I doubt I will ever own a more solid bike. I got it on sale brand new back in 05 and been riding it on an off since. It's been on countless adventures with me and am glad it will see many more as far as I can tell. A lad form Mass drove down and picked it up and when I got home it kind of hit me as I just permanently severed ties with it, But like most things it came down to $$$$$$ That money can get me a season pass possibly next year if Canyons keeps involved in the epic pass, it can buy me all sorts of bike things I need or help fund an AT used ski touring setup. Either way with all my future plans it will go to good use. I guess those that memories that stick with me most were our first adventures in the Wasatch when I made the best decision of my life, which was moving to Utah. It's been a good ride old friend, time for you to make new memories, so long it's been good.

Steep and Deep

Steep and Deep, something you might hear me say in the upcoming winter of 2015 while I'm ripping Rocky Mountain descents on my board, but last Wednesday was a far different beast. After constant annoyance of me yapping to my poor wife, she found some time to take over my duties and have me go rip. She would have the boy from 5:30pm to bedtime so I could run an hour up north and get some local runs in. I had a friend to ride with so that was great, night riding is dope fun and the fact I can do it less than an hour from my house is pretty cool as well. It was a pretty cold day and was going to drop into single digits that night, but with such short vertical of 625ft I think I never got going long enough to get chilly. It was not as packed as last year, but the park was about the same. I wish they had more jumps, there was one mid size solid jump that was fun and actually manicured perfectly to my liking but I never felt comfortable enough to start throwing spins so it was just grabs for this guy. Was a good night to get out and blow off some steam, despite being icy and sketchy at all times with varying conditions, lots of grabs and tricks were thrown around to make it worthwhile for 4 hours.