Monday, March 24, 2014

Last week waiting the Thaw

I snagged some bike boxes from the shop, luckily Aron at Storrs Center Cycle has some bikes flowing in and had some boxes right when I needed them. I really like this shop, Aron is really great guy and extremely knowlegeable and all a round good dude. I am really hoping that I have space to fit the bikes in the trailer for the trek to Utah, if not they make great packing boxes. Soooooooo the weather this week never came thru completely but I am thankful for what it has done so far. As usual I twiddled my thumbs waiting for the thaw. Well Saturday and Sunday some people went out and I chose to sit out and wait until things froze over and were more favorable for a Monday ride. Was it going to happen I just did not know. In the mean time I have been having a blast with my little guy, he's getting so big and turning into this little man I love it, the winter has been tough and sometimes we have good and bad day, I surely love my little boy he is so great! This week he learned how to use the slide it's fantastic! Also went on a walk to check out the trials,as of Thursday they are not ready.

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