Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thirsty Thursday

Well I could see conditions were looking pretty good for a Thursday ride. After being severely under powered Tuesday I wonder what kind of leg would Thursday bring. Thursday morning was not looking good, it was estimated 12F and windy, which sounded absolutely horrible. So I was left to ask my dear wife if she could take the kiddo for the end of the night so that I could join the Thursday night hale ride group. I was still pretty unsure if it was going to be ok and by 4:30pm I got my answer and she was heading home to take over Landon for the night. Luckily after a long day of school she got home in time for me to head out at 5:30, so off I went in shorts feeling pretty good. I had a good little ride over and said hello to everyone, having not seen them since the early fall. Many had new bikes, brakes, wheels etc..... I was pretty envious as usual when other riders got such nice setups but there is not much I can do about that. I would not give up my Belltown for nothing. The ride started off fast, I guess most of everyone has ahd a few rides and were already up to fitness, I was so glad as I was riding I felt pretty strong. So strong that I fell in the middle of the pack the whole ride and I was dang impressed with myself. It looks like it won't be too long of a struggle to get that fitness back after that Tick destroyed my body. Seeing Derek at the ride reminded of how sick I got that day and how it spiraled downwards into hospital visits and one heck of a sucky week/months. Oh well, I am back and while I will always have Ehrlichia chaffeensis in my body It seems to no longer play any effect in my life. Onwards with the ride, it was fast, I was heavy on the Belltown, definitely rode the snot out of it since I had Full suspensions behind me at all times. I keep hoping that the bike shop will call so I can beat up o the Raleigh as I usually do but they have not come thru yet. This was a sweet ride, only needed the light for the last 20 minutes of the ride. I can't wait for the next as usual, lots of rain this weekend so no ride, but I had a three ride week to start my season and I am happy about that big time! Hale groupy at EveryTrail
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