Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You Old Dawg

Realizing I would not be making space for the Dawg I bit the bullet and put it up on good old Craigslist. It did not take long for the emails to storm in, I guess I had it at a very fair price which was fine by me, the Dawg owed me nothing, I doubt I will ever own a more solid bike. I got it on sale brand new back in 05 and been riding it on an off since. It's been on countless adventures with me and am glad it will see many more as far as I can tell. A lad form Mass drove down and picked it up and when I got home it kind of hit me as I just permanently severed ties with it, But like most things it came down to $$$$$$ That money can get me a season pass possibly next year if Canyons keeps involved in the epic pass, it can buy me all sorts of bike things I need or help fund an AT used ski touring setup. Either way with all my future plans it will go to good use. I guess those that memories that stick with me most were our first adventures in the Wasatch when I made the best decision of my life, which was moving to Utah. It's been a good ride old friend, time for you to make new memories, so long it's been good.

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