Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Hawes to myself

The Mesa marathnon was back at it again and the pass was closed so I figured worst case scenarioI woud start at the commute lot, however when I got past the light I followed the buses and couldn't make it to the pass parking lot so I started at the bottom of scorpion and pedaled myself on up for a good run of trails. I had to take the boy to swim at 8:30 so I was done early, early enough to not see one single person! yep had it all to myself, mostly in the dark though..... The wonderful smells of the desert are trickling in, smells awesome!

Morning circus

Man for a Friday the place was a mess with hikers, horses and ofcourse bikers. Not too bad once you get out away from the parking lot, its an amazing trail system and it shows, definitely changed alot the last 7 years! Such a beautiful day!

Loathing these winter morning going away

Man I am enhoying the trails right now!

Tuesday, February 7, 2023


Got yelled at from behind going down big sister, that was pretty lame, I always move over for anyone behind me, even ebikers, oh well.


Classic friday, not much to report.

Mountain South

It's been a long time coming for a south mountain ride. I got a later start this morning due to schedul so that meant no traffic on the way over there going west so I did. Always a humbling experience going up national with one gear, sure I could have put an easier one on but I am lazy, walked a few sections but very rideable. I had to decide between corona and geronimo, cornoa won today. After that was rode then I decided to go up to helipad and phew I didn't have a clean pull unfortunately, I guess I got to want it more, excellent ride.


Man I absolutely love this time of year, the sun is already getting stronger though :( Was so close to 30 miles on this one but out of time, and I was worn out and ready to be done anyway.


This is my favorite tree at Hawes, look at it, its a mesquite I believe, I shall name it donald!

Green N cool

I am so sick of this dropout not holding, I like the bike but this dropout is a deal breaker, not much I can do but have a loosey chain line, I will deal with that for now....

Needed that

I can't remember exactly what was going on but maaaaan I needed that. I love mornings with come clouds, this one presented beautifully!

Always good in January

Did I find a poppy in January? More rain on the way, going to be a nice green flowery spring at this rate

Gold canyon GREEN

I saw a fellow riders pics over in Gold Canyon and it looked like a golf course of green. So I headed on over for something different and wow it was a very grassy happy Gold Canyon! I found the cows and it made for a spectacula photos!