Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sun is shining

The weather finally shaped up and I was very glad that it did. The wind died down and it was a scorching 57 degrees! we had a good ride despite the idea of riding up the power line trail which was very difficult with the large pebbles and rocks. I got my bike dialed in finally since I figured out how to adjust the chain tension on my eccentric bottom bracket. Bike was rolling smooth and good times were had. Bentley was hot on my trail the whole ride, I was taking it slower I suppose. We had a great ride and don't know when the next will be with the rain and snow predictions the next few days. But I could use a rest anyway.

Case eve

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hard Days Night

I did it again, convinced myself to get out and ride. The weather was good slightly warm for a little and then the cold wind kicked in. Somehow Bentley has gotten faster on each one of our rides the last three days. We have logged 32ish miles and he shows no sign of stopping. I felt really strong the first hour and then the last 30 minutes I dragged a bit. Still it was really really good to get out and ride. The place was vacant which is nice but I could hardly believe no other fellow mountain bikers were out, thats ok though. I did a loop around the reservoir which from the pictures you should be able to tell how beautiful it was. I always enjoy riding by the reservoir since it is about the only scenery we get around here other than trees and rocks. I did just spend four years in Utah and trust me there is ALOT to miss!

Case eve

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Morning in casemart

Went to bed saturday night unsure of if i was going to get out in the morning, but low and behold at 8:30 i woke up and was out the door 20 minutes later. Today felt good, it wasn't as cold and the wind had died down. We had a great ride, the whole time for some reason I remained nervous about my loose drivetrain. I am unfamiliar with eccentric bottom brackets and for some time now I have wanted to learn how it comes apart. I just ordered some new parts to revive the kona dawg and I hope to make it through the season on the single speed without repairs. At least theres not a whole lot to replace......There is a bike class at Uconn that is for free thursday nights and I hope to start going. I may be able to rip a car apart but when it comes to the bike its too precious for me to mess with it incase it malfunctions on a ride. Which is why I usually deal with a bike shop. Anyway we had a great ride! Bentley lost me for the first time today, we had hit a fork and some guys were at the top of the trail which must have spooked him so he didn't follow which is really weird cause he is always at my side and so happy to see everybody! Anyway he sidelined the woods and then entered and i was calling his name but he was frantically running through the logging piles. I had eye contact with him the whole time but because he was so worried about finding me he could not locate me yelling and whistling his name. He was no more than 50ft from me and in plain view and he eventually hit the trail and bolted 20 ft in front of me and I am still yelling his name and as he looped around the trail he saw me sitting watching the whole thing. We both felt a sigh of relief and i was happy to see how worried he was about finding me. we continued and had a great ride to a great weekend.


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Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Upward Hill Battle

So last night I was at a campout we held with the scouts, I knew I was in for a cold night but it was absolutely freezing! I stood by the fire for 5 hours and it still could barely keep me warm. The hot dogs and smores were comforting but short lived. Came bedtime and as I was changing into dry clothes my teeth were fricken chattering. I was still excited about the next day cause I planned on hitting the trail. As I lay in my sleeping bag I was thinking to myself that it was not going to be able to be done. I was tired.....not feeling great but I was still being optimistic so about 10am rolled around and I headed out of there and stopped at work washed the car and went home. Got my outfit on and out me and bentley went. I got to the trailhead and did the normal routine, get the dog out, make sure he is leashed, get bike off, lock car, helmet, music and.... CHECK! Started pedaling and I felt sluggish....I finally felt that 10lbs I put on this winter. I got off the carriage path and hit the single track, and my legs felt dead and had nothing to offer me. I though about turning around back but I knew I came this far and had to push thru it. I started walking up some climbs I normally clear but I just kept at it. Once I got over the hill the sun was somewhat warming and good tunes were on so I got more in the mood. I made a little bit different loop today to keep things changing and by the time I hit the reservoir which was probably 70% of the loop I came upon a dog that I had passed last week. His name was bentley! yes just like my dog, to make it even weirder he was a labradoodle as well. Kind of weird but I had felt inclined to let the two play and that they did. In and out of the water and laying chase the doggy with the stick. It was funny, I was very surprised how much energy he still had but after about 20 minutes of that we were off. I was finally feeling somewhat in the move of things as we rode around the reservoir. Soon enough we were back at the car. Another good day for a good ride. Now lets see if I make it out tomorrow........

Case uphills

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Beautiful Day For A Beating

So last night I was hanging around and saw that a fellow riding buddy John had posted that he was going to ride Case sunday morning. My body said take a break but my mind said get out there and pedal! So sure enough I went with my first instincts. The forecast was looking good with sun showing it's warm face and mid 30s for the morning. I was awoken before my alarm at 7:30 to the sound of our fluffy white dog having a puke on the bed....I ran him to the bathroom and let him finish the rest. He seems to do this a couple times a year and the vet has told us that all is ok. It was very hard to get my eyes going since the night before we went bowling and got home late. I was tired but I was very excited about the ride this morning. So i got dressed up had some cereal and was out the door. Unfortunately I had to go without my bud bentley since I figured it was best to rest since we just started the season and his body needs to adjust. It made me sad leaving without him but I would have the company of three other riders. I arrived at the case lot and we got to riding quick. It was chilly but it was awesome to be pedaling, the guys set a pretty normal quick steady pace, my legs were surprisingly in good shape and feeling like they had some power in there. We headed up blue to do the standard loop these guys like to do. Conditions were great, the sun was up and dirt was great. I was keeping up with the guys surprisingly and we were having a good old time. We reached the reservoir which was about 1/2 way point and my legs were starting to tire. Luckily I was not the only one. But the hard climbing was over and the rest of the trail was fairly quick and very familiar. Hit the car and my legs were feeling like jello. It was a great ride and I can't wait to get out again. We got 3 days of rain in the forecast so let's hope it doesn't rain too much.

2nd trip of case

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring has arrived!

Well after a very long long long long cold and snowy winter it has finally packed up it's bags and headed the heck out. I have been anxiously awaiting this day to come and it seemed like an eternity but it did eventually come together. The last week we had some nice warm temperatures and I was checking conditions constantly as to tread lightly on our dirt trails. It was friday and I decided I was going to hit the trail for a 9am start the next morning. So I got the tires all pumped up, checked over the bike entirely only to find the gash in my rear tire starting to bulge further from last season but don't worry it's replacement is here and going on. Got the bag packed up and told Bentley tomorrow will be hitting the trail. Saturday morning finally came and I could not be more excited to get out the door. Got to the trailhead and got the gear on and got pandora going on Led zeppelin channel. Air had a small chill and wind was blowing steady but the trails were dry. I reached the ridge and started riding on the blue trail, ear to ear smiles were to be had. It felt so good to be on the trail again! Surprisingly I had it mostly to myself besides two other bikers. When I came upon one masked robber I questioned myself as to why all the winter gear since I was in a T-shirt and shorts, whatever I guess he is cold..... I came upon a few obstacles that I conquered which made me feel good at nailing it on the first shot. Legs felt strong and I still fell short on two difficult climbs for my single speed but that's ok I got time. I had a feeling that I might encounter some stuff on my ride but it was 99% great shape! Only two small areas of mud was found and was easily avoided. Bentley had no trouble crossing the flowing stream the first time but on the second time heading back he paused and turned around looking for his humans help. Usually he treks right through it but the water was flowing and he was nervous. I eventually put more distance between him and me and he saw me disappearing while I watched and sure enough he tore right through that river as I smiled and he caught right up to me. All in all it was a great morning. I can't wait to get back out there and do it again hopefully tomorrow morning!

Case 1st season ride!

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