Monday, March 28, 2011

Hard Days Night

I did it again, convinced myself to get out and ride. The weather was good slightly warm for a little and then the cold wind kicked in. Somehow Bentley has gotten faster on each one of our rides the last three days. We have logged 32ish miles and he shows no sign of stopping. I felt really strong the first hour and then the last 30 minutes I dragged a bit. Still it was really really good to get out and ride. The place was vacant which is nice but I could hardly believe no other fellow mountain bikers were out, thats ok though. I did a loop around the reservoir which from the pictures you should be able to tell how beautiful it was. I always enjoy riding by the reservoir since it is about the only scenery we get around here other than trees and rocks. I did just spend four years in Utah and trust me there is ALOT to miss!

Case eve

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