Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Upward Hill Battle

So last night I was at a campout we held with the scouts, I knew I was in for a cold night but it was absolutely freezing! I stood by the fire for 5 hours and it still could barely keep me warm. The hot dogs and smores were comforting but short lived. Came bedtime and as I was changing into dry clothes my teeth were fricken chattering. I was still excited about the next day cause I planned on hitting the trail. As I lay in my sleeping bag I was thinking to myself that it was not going to be able to be done. I was tired.....not feeling great but I was still being optimistic so about 10am rolled around and I headed out of there and stopped at work washed the car and went home. Got my outfit on and out me and bentley went. I got to the trailhead and did the normal routine, get the dog out, make sure he is leashed, get bike off, lock car, helmet, music and.... CHECK! Started pedaling and I felt sluggish....I finally felt that 10lbs I put on this winter. I got off the carriage path and hit the single track, and my legs felt dead and had nothing to offer me. I though about turning around back but I knew I came this far and had to push thru it. I started walking up some climbs I normally clear but I just kept at it. Once I got over the hill the sun was somewhat warming and good tunes were on so I got more in the mood. I made a little bit different loop today to keep things changing and by the time I hit the reservoir which was probably 70% of the loop I came upon a dog that I had passed last week. His name was bentley! yes just like my dog, to make it even weirder he was a labradoodle as well. Kind of weird but I had felt inclined to let the two play and that they did. In and out of the water and laying chase the doggy with the stick. It was funny, I was very surprised how much energy he still had but after about 20 minutes of that we were off. I was finally feeling somewhat in the move of things as we rode around the reservoir. Soon enough we were back at the car. Another good day for a good ride. Now lets see if I make it out tomorrow........

Case uphills

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