Monday, March 11, 2024


Another fantastic saturday!

Over here clouds!

The clouds were taunting me in the distance but they never made it to me so I tried to go to it, was not successful but if I stayed out a few more hours maybe.

Horsing around

Did a speedy loop and then back down the river to enjoy the lushness before it's burned out by the sun.

Light switch

There were only a few of the faintest clouds, but it's amazing when it goes sun to cloud, it's like the light switch getting flicked lol.

Friendly trails

Lots and lots of friendly hikers out there, I enjoy interacting with kindness, it's not always the case but it's nice when all users are out enjoying their day on the trails.

Saturday roam

Couldn't make up my mind besides trying to make a big loop, mission accomplished!

Circling the drain

Lil RMR for my friday :)



Took a nice stroll along the river, it's short but it's sweet!

Morning Beaut

Only so many cooler spring morning left, taking it all in and grateful.

Horsey Tail

Added horse tail into the mix on this one, it seems like it's getting more tires on it and it's running pretty darn good.

Into the snake pit

Well Gold Canyon rides are coming to an end with snake season closing in, it was nice to see it all lush n pretty.


Ran into a lamer on a trek ebike on top of high ridge, he shouted from behind me to pass and then continued to run off the trail like he was on a winning race run, he was stopped at the bottom of the trail 8 minutes later and I sure wanted to give him an earful.....

Pain train

Pain train of emotion and physical, those blister were absolutely screaming when I put shoes on for a ride to cleanse my mind. I could barely walk and even doing nothing it was excruciating, but when I hit the trail my mind drifted off and when I got done when the shoes came off the pain was gone, going to be an interesting week. First poppies of the season spotted.