Saturday, January 29, 2022

Float like a butterfly sting like a rmr brake bump

Man my palm has been hurting this week, I got cuaght off guard and RMR brake bump and man I felt that. It was a good haul on this one, just kept riding, as usual I never want to stop. It was all the fmailiar loops and massive climbing, I was hoping to rech 5k vert but I fell short 200ft......I love my bicycle bicycylce lol

Jeff Kendal Weed sighting!!!!!!!!

My friday ride was pretty expected and awesome as always. I was zipping down big sister and came upon a group of fellers, one of them looked immediately familiar, a popular rider by the name of Jeff Kendall Weed. He cracked a big smile and said hey as he was paused on teh trail with a photograher. I was carryin speed and wanted despertely to say hello but I didn't want to disturb his work. I am kicking myself for not going back and contemplated it the entire ride. Such a fan girl moment, reminds me of going to rampage.

Gold in the Canyon!

I found myself again in the dilemma of wanting vertical, I also wanted to go to Gold Canyon. At the last minute I chose Gold Canyon and off I went. I put the plan together roughly and wanted to hit the ridge and go from there. I took a speedy way in man Gold canyon in beautiful right now. I hit the ridge, missed a few turns but got back on track, forgot how awesome it is and better than it was a few years ago. Then to fill in the rest of the ride, I got in some Phantom and headed deep into outer limits and did a nice fast loop. I knew I was making awesome time and pulled off a first, 20 miles of Gold Canyon in under 2 hours! Not neccesary but patted myself on the back.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Verts of dirts

It was a climby morning, feeling back 100% it was mighty quiet and dark out there. I spent half the ride in the dark, my magicshine said I had 2 out of 3 bars, I run it high on the descents and low on the ascents, it went out on me abrubtly after 1.30 of run time, thought it was a little soon and wished it flashed before it completely died. Luckily I have a bar light so I had about 15 minutes with that and then there was enough light. Another absolutely beautiful morning! Felt good pounding out miles and vert, now a days it's more about the very than the miles, makes the ride so much harder.

So so nice

Another doozy of beauty! I felt alot better out on this one, head was more clear, class was over, my work was done! I love my belltown, I asked Bob to make me another one, problem is, it's not an income maker, more of a favor to ask him so I decided to leave it alone but did ask him a month ago. Beautiful ride, warm and fun!

Over in a blur

Feeling about back to normal, still 30-50% taste/smell thought. My mind was very busy, distracting me at every second of the ride, nothing major, just busy.... I started back up with school, might have something to do with it, but still a great ride, man is that sun toasty, not complaining though thats for sure!

What a beautiful morning

Wowza, this one was a mighty pretty one, we don't often have clouds but when we do things can get pretty. Did a full pull, feeling sub par but riding just fine!

Let's goooo

Decided to give my body a test to take it up Alpe, obviously it went just fine and now I can feel fully back up to speed. The sun is burning warm these days, look at that green grass and the ocotillo are pretty green and hapy from last months rian.

Back to trails

Well that Wednesday I took a dive into sickness for a few days, mostly just feeling terrible with some body aches, the rest of the house did the same. The taste and smell went out the window, that never happened before and was extremely frutrating! By Monday LuAnn had to work and we were better but only like 50%, I had headaches every day. I was hoping to ride by Thursday and did so, I felt about 80% and despite no couch my chest felt weird but I was rolling and back to my bike, great ride.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Somo Fun "Corona"

Squeezed in m last ride of the week, didn't plan on stoppping but after this one I was toast, symptoms got way worse, smell left, Covid round 2 for me. With that said I felt really good on this ride, the rocks were very slippery from rain that morning, I was losing air in the rear tire, cheked a clumb of mud on the tire, it wasn't mud but dog poop, made me so mad for like a second and then I moved on. I had a nice run down conveniently named Corona De Loma, walked a few sections I normally ride since the risk isn't worth it right now or ever. I was ambitious enough to even go back up Mormon to hit some National DH, again feeling strong but I fell apart that evening.

Desert Beauty

I toughed out another ride, still unpleasant symptoms but mild, just waiting for it to get better or worse. The weather is so stellar right now I would hate to be missing rides. Got a new bike shirt for Christmas, rocked it good.


Ok so the weekend is over and it's back to cranking. Monday it was a Hawes ride, Sunday night I was feeling flu like symptoms, here comes Covid again. Aches, heat, cold etc.... I wasn't expecting to get a ride in but went for it anyway. Surprisingly I made it thru th ride and went about my day feeling ok.

100% chance of AWESOME!

Christmas Eve was looking wet, we had 100% chance of rain all morning and I was still on the fence about going. I wokeup and it was raining and wet and dark. I sat on the couch for a few minutes before deciding to go back to bed or going to ride. I decided it was better to give it a shot. It was raining but not quite pouring, in my rain jacket but expecting to get fully soaked. The wind was moving and the rain was sideways but I just rode on in the dark rain. It was exhilerating riding in the dark rain, the excitement and thrill was fun. I went up and down Hawes to stay on the good trails to not leave any marks. The wind and rain kicked up a notch and I was still very comfortable. After 3 hours I was cooked and headed for the car to change and dry off, those showers are the best after ceaned up. I think my shoes took 3 days to dry out. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat and now I am ready for Christmas!