Thursday, November 28, 2019

Hawes loop

Fridays ride would be back to blue skies as the storms departed. I was running thru ride ides in my head to do soemthing different. I ended up as Usery pass with not much of a plan but maybe riding wild horse and then up twisted sister and fully planning to bail on that idea. Turns out riding wild horse was loads of twisty fun and up I went on twisted sister. The climb was not bad at all as I soon reached the saddle and then had the option do drop into Hawes via ridge or not. I went ridge, it was fun. The more decisions, to stya in Hawes and go back the way I came was not appetizing me much, a loop was in plan but not the normal way. I rode the canals and the back into Hawes for a tiny bit and then hit the neighborhood pavement to take a section of dirt I have never hit but knew it was kinda off limits maybe but would transfer me over to Usery Pass rd. The neighborhood was gorgeous, so many nice homes I would like to call my own. I found the trail and hopped a no tresspassing fence :( and got what I needed. I wasnted to ride more dirt but I was out of town so I took usery pass pavement to my car for a happy 20 miler with something a little different.

Wow wow wow

This one started in the rain again and I wasn anxious as heck to enjoy it! The skies were absolutely stunning as they were very busy in contrast of heavy rains, low level clouds, and soem clearing where sun was poking thru. Loving the smells and sights as I rode around Hawes I was feeling very blessed. I was very distracted by everything but the trail :)

What a treat!

The weather rolled in Wednesday and I was excited, I was headed for my normal ride in the pouring rain in the car. When I got there it had let up and was raining lightly, I treaded up the neighborhood and got pretty soaked, the valley was in an out of rain storms and tunderstorms, it was absolutely breathtakng. When I got to dirt all things were amazing, scenery and soil. The rain was lightening up and the skies were busy as I cranked on a great spin!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Arnett Canyon and Arizona Trail Amazing!

Sooooooo I have been eyeballing this little experience for quite some time now. I saw on trailforks a trail called Arnett Canyon and it wasa nice looking blue and I read some good things but not many people ride it. Well Tuesday My mother in law was still in town so my wife was in good hands so off I went for The mountains for a 20 mile loop. I rolled onto the trail out of my comfort zone and dropped on into Arnett for a wonderful twist around and down into a canyon. The trail started wide and buff and then narrowed as it reached the canyon. I was immersed under the mountain in a beautiful scene, the cottonwoods warmed my soul, they literally reached out and played my heart strings, such goog memoried among cottonwoods in Utah. As the smile on my face grew as the scene in teh canony unfolded with smells of real trees and fall. I was in heaven, the trail was not bad either, flat, bumpy and loose at times as it crossed a dry wash. I would say it was mostly sandy with only one or two walk a bike due to soft sand or hiker built rock steps. The trail looks like it has been there a long time, just maybe new to for bikers? It was a joyous spin for a few miles and then I had came to my exit point which was a nice climb with still amazing surroundings. Soon I was out of the canyon looking to connect some dirt roads to a little piece of singletrack and then more roads for awhile. There was a maze of dirt roads but trailforks kept me on the straight and narrow. The singletrack was very flat and seeming barely there but it was better than the road for the 1 mile length that it was I supose. Then it was dirt roads for awhile, maybe a good hour, but as I would up and down slow easy routes it was much better going than I expected. It was very peaceful and quiet out there, just a few side by sides and trail side littering of beer cans. I reached my furthest point, a trailhead which was where I was going to pickup the Arizona Trail. Not knowing much wht to expect but legs willing and eager it was a mellow narrow climb for a good 10 minutes that opened up to amazing views of rolling hills. Then for the next few miles it was smooth sailing, some smooth, some rocky, some washed out, a little bit of everything. Then I entered another Canyon and into the trees, some washed and lots of cuts from overgrown vegatation. Exited the canyon and it was back along mellow rolling hills as I was nearing the last 5 miles of my ride. It got quite rocky at times, I was looking forward to some smooth but it was bumpy on that rigid most the way. I passed under the road and it was on to the home stretch, still feeling better than I should the car was a pretty sight after 3 hours and 22 miles. That was awesome!!!!!

Slice of dirt

Ok here we go into late November and remembering this is the time of year when most people hang up their bikes for skis or the off season but for me I get to keep on ripping. Sometimes I think I would like ot hang my bike up for skis but I do love year round riding! Rain is in the forecast and it;s looking to get wet so that it exciting. I strolled around Usery Happily for my standard business.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Seeking solitude

I was unsure if Saturday was going to provide a ride, after pushing and annoying I got my wish. I was excited with a cloud filled sky and a "bonus ride". I really enjoyed that ride around Gold Canyon, saw a few riders out there, good to see them.

How I roll

It seems like the snakes have resided to their homes so I was off to Gold Canyon to start enjoying. I rolled around my normal loop in joy, I love how nobody is out there and so many trail options, I always feel so lucky. Just one group of bikers and were loving my bike and it's manliness I guess, I commented that's how I roll :)

Sorry B Liners

As usual about once a week I find myself pedaling up the neighborhood to gain access to the high stuff lazily, love the descent from up there, I cam across an unusual sign and stopped to read it. Someone went quite out of their way to make it and place it, I think its a nifty idea to make someone feel better but I am sure the sign will be down by the end of the day or week. You just can't police people out there, they're all offended or angry or just silly. I will see if it's still up next week I guess, I roll the A line anyway just so you know. Nice ride out there.

Enjoyed that

Spun around the horsey trails at Usery, same old loop, same old joy doing it :)