Thursday, November 28, 2019

Hawes loop

Fridays ride would be back to blue skies as the storms departed. I was running thru ride ides in my head to do soemthing different. I ended up as Usery pass with not much of a plan but maybe riding wild horse and then up twisted sister and fully planning to bail on that idea. Turns out riding wild horse was loads of twisty fun and up I went on twisted sister. The climb was not bad at all as I soon reached the saddle and then had the option do drop into Hawes via ridge or not. I went ridge, it was fun. The more decisions, to stya in Hawes and go back the way I came was not appetizing me much, a loop was in plan but not the normal way. I rode the canals and the back into Hawes for a tiny bit and then hit the neighborhood pavement to take a section of dirt I have never hit but knew it was kinda off limits maybe but would transfer me over to Usery Pass rd. The neighborhood was gorgeous, so many nice homes I would like to call my own. I found the trail and hopped a no tresspassing fence :( and got what I needed. I wasnted to ride more dirt but I was out of town so I took usery pass pavement to my car for a happy 20 miler with something a little different.

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