Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fifth Water Hoot

Well I found some time Wednesday evening and scooted out the house with the bike and extremely excited to ride as usual. I was armed with the geared bike since the Belltown bottom bracket is completely shot and I need to get the new one in. I chose Diamond Fork area since it is fairly close and there are more trails to ride in there. I started up Fifth water instead of the next Canyon over to change things up. I found out that it was nice for the change in scenery but there were more walk a bikes than I would have liked. I rolled bye the waterfalls and Hot Springs as many people were enjoying them and I wish I had time to hop in a cold river. It was a long climb up Fifth water, I did finally make the gate when my phone got signal and it was a message from my wife saying I need to be home at 6:30. Oh poop, I had planned for more time but that was ok, that gave me 20 minutes or so to check out new terrain above where I have ever been. Oh it was a treat, it was such a nice pitch and the trail was skinny and the scenery was great. I had to turn around once I hit the Center trail and I wanted to proceed to bad but I had a 7 mile downhill to attend to so I could be home in time. The ride down was killer, me and the bike were in harmony and it really was a ton of fun. Another absolutely stellar ride, can't wait for the next!

Provo Canyon Raw

Monday morning I got a chance to go get in a morning ride, as usual I was up by 4:55 and gathered my gear and off I went. It was even darken than last week, I could barely see the trail when I started so maybe I will be packing a light soon. I decided to try a new climbing route, the Ireland climb. Believe it or not it was even worse than the other routes. I guess I won't be looking to climb that again, it was however a spectacular view of the city lights. There are so many trails on the way up and I did not mess with my phone so I winged it. Turned out I did pretty good as I found my way to the pile of rocks. I had plans to take a trail called Taj Majal but due to confusion I missed it. I was climbing forever and finally checked where I was and I was on my way up to Little Baldy. I have been wanting to get up there since it totaled me a few weeks ago, so I chugged on up. It was a solid climb let me tell you. I spotted a trail off to the left and thought nothing of it since I was not in Dry Canyon yet. The trial started to get really ugly, very grown in, very steep, nothing that resembled a well traveled mountain bike trail. I said just keep going but I was hiking a bike now and running out of time. I know once you clear the Big Baldy Mountain things get so good but I have never had enough time. I was in Dry Canyon but had further to go but I just did not have the time and the trail was terrible. I turned around and took that unknown trail I spotted a little ago. Holy crap it got steep and loose and fun, it was a tight trail that wound down a steep mountain and then into a little chute. It was a ton of fun and I was on the Full suspension that day and I was glad I had it. It was nice to be roaring downhill for what seemed forever. I made some random turns and found myself on lament trail, the DH I smashed my face on last week, I rode it very carefully. Once I hit Dry Canyon I usually go straight but this time I went down it. It was another killer addition to more ear to ear DH. The I hit Shoreline and had a nice fast ride to the car. Loved this ride it was a beat down for sure

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Diamond Fork

Over slept the alarm clock this morning but thankfully I had time, I headed up Spanish Fork Canyon to a less ridden trails. What a nice ride vs using the highway I was driving through cow country. Getting to the trailhead it was nice and cool and they got a little rain which made for some great grippy trail. I have ridden here two or three times before and was unsure if the SS was going to be a bad idea but it turned out to be perfect as it usually is. The trail was actually much easier than I remember which there is nothing wrong with that. Pretty soon the trail was littered with cow pies, fresh ones I might add, filled the air with unpleasant aromas. After caking the bike in manure I did some pavement where unfortunately you have no choice but to use it unless you have more time which I did not. Riding on a paved road in the mountains with no cars is actually a very pleasant believe it or not. Got to third water and started descending on a fun ride. I arrived at the hot springs and hopped in and was stoked to find them a good temperature unlike the last visit. I had them all to myself and soaked for a good 10 minutes and enjoy the tranquility of the stream and flowers and amount of awesome this morning was! After a good soak I enjoyed a 10 minute ride down to the car. I need to get back here before I move back North in a few weeks, I need more time to do the bigger ride.

Shoreline to Corner Canyon

Gut up at the crack of dawn again, seems to be the best way that I assure I can get a ride in, since things pop up in the afternoons and I don't want to to get poo poo'd on my parade. Again it was so dark I could hardly fine the trail, I started in a new location I never had before. Its the flight park at the end of the mountain where the shoreline trail starts along a mellow ride behind the yards of the homes. I decided to mix it up and ride as much shoreline that allowed a big loop to return eagle crest trail. The ride on shoreline was pretty straight forward, built for single speeding and built to put a smile on my face. The skies dropped a few drops of rain that built a rainbow behind me and I continued on until I needed to turn around where I could finally get my climb on. I climbed up the new Rattler trail which is pretty good as any Corner Canyon trail goes. Hopped over the Canyon Hollow and then Brock's and I was on top heading for Eagle Crest. The ride on Eagle Crest was spectacular, offered up waves of grain and views of Utah Lake. Not ready for the morning to end I had no choice but to dip down on a fun long ripping descent. Ran into other riders coming up in all the worse sections but I was able to stop and move over. It was a quick ride once I hit shoreline and had to end the ride.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Provo Morning

Hit up the Provo Canyon again, better enjoy it while I am still here in Utah Valley. I never though I would find such a great trail network on the foothills. I got up about 4:50am so I could get to hours in and be home and go about the day. It seemed unusually dark as I got closer to the trailhead, I guess the summer day light is already losing quickly. It was just about enough light to see the trail as I began my climb, feeling pretty good I planned the standard grueling climbing route and wanted to add in a few more feet after reaching the standard. I remember why I have not been anxious to climb higher since I was hike a bike a bit on the single speed or with gears. I hit what I thought was area 51, if it was, it was very short and surprised me how quickly I hit my familiar trails. Then it was off to the Lament downhill, well I was tearing down as usual, a very steep very narrow loose trail, the wheel drifted left and hit some break and tried to make my way right, it all happened in slow motion when the tire dipped off the trail and down I went, my face smashed into the ground and I popped up wondering what happened, my nose hurt, my side face hurt. The impact was very hard and a face full of rocks had me feeling my face and shoulder to make sure if the shock was hiding the pain. I felt my nose, not broken, face, not shattered and collar bone in one piece. I was fortunate with this one, another crash of just scrapes and bruises and I am thankful. Odd this happened two rides in a row, I think I was not paying attention, my mind was drifting and not focusing. I keep forgetting I have to have skill and not just natural ability. It hurt but it was not going to end the ride. So I continued and finished and had another great ride.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Corner Canyon Bliss

A lot going on but I managed to squeeze a ride Saturday, it was for an evening ride which is my favorite time to ride and a rare time lately. I was going thru locations in my mind as I drove and found myself at Corner Canyon to try to crank out 2 hours worth, I could have easily done 3-4 hours but 2 was what I had. After riding a lot of Provo Canyon it has really whipped me into shape, Corner Canyon is a walk in the park on the Single speed. I put a loop together in my head and changed it as I went and it turned out to be one kick ass ride. I was extremely surprised to have the trails to myself, I have been there on mornings and it is a zoo! It was really relaxing and just a great ride, I look forward to more of them since I will now live a few miles from it in 4 weeks! Coming down the road and entering ghost falls I got aggressive and washed out, took some skin off my leg and arm but got up quick and kept shredding. It has been a long time since I have had a crash and I forgot that terrible stinging that takes place after ripping flesh off. I was at my 2 hour mark and really did not want to stop riding, but I gave my thanks for what time I did get. I was scheduled for a 40 mile ride that day but event unfolded and fell thru, I keep aking my lady when can I get a good 1/2 day or so to ride and I am told after we move into our house, tip then 2 hour rides be just fine!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Delicious Provo Canyon

I have been riding here a lot lately, It has been more than anywhere else, this has mostly to do with location, the situation and where you can crank out miles and good trails. I did head to Sundance but was turned around after they said the trails close at 6:30 even for uphill riders, that was lame but oh well. Luckily it was cooler in the valley so I headed to a reliable Provo Canyon and had the trails all to my self. I took the standard way up and standard way down, only making a few different turns on the far end. Solid ride for sure, I finally felt really strong riding, I have bonked a few times on my fitness but I think I am getting it back and building as we speak. I love riding at the end of the day, it really glows on those foothills. I could have rode another hour easy, but I headed home to spend a little time with my lovely wife. So we are about to go udner contract on a home in Sandy, we are ecstatic at the location and so in love with the home, needs a few things since our budget can only be so much, but I am so excited to finally set down roots and no longer pay someone else mortgage!

Provo Loopy w some serious heat

Well I got the word that I could go out on a spin during Landons nap and so I proceeded to do so. I was however not planning on it being too hot to ride. I guess have ridden in a lot of heat, but this was too much for me. I got started on the road and it felt like I was riding in an oven. But that hardcore dude inside said thats not enough to stop me, well I climbed the normal and by the time I had to really grunt up the heavy sections I bombed hard. Had to walk a bunch while the sun screen soaked sweat made it really hard to see, I debated turning around due to the burning in my eyes and lack of energy to put down on the cranks so I walked up and hoped to feel better. Once I reached a good height I said screw this and stormed down to make my way tot he car. I was happy to have got an hour ride in but was defeated by the sun.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Coyote Canyon Loop

Well my lady and the boy took off for the aquarium for the morning and I had some time to ride, not enough to make it to Park City but I got close. I have rode Coyote Canyon once before and its a nice un complicate 20+ mile loop that I thought would be a good SS rigid trail since I am still gaining my legs back. Well I got going and found my way to the trail wand was greeted with slightly damp trail from the night before. It sucked up a lot of my energy but I just kept cranking. I remember why I didn't care for this trail, its pretty boring, once I got up into the aspens I got some nice views and smells and just an hour into the ride I was begging for it to be over sadly. But I kept chugging along, had to walk a bit I have to admit, legs just weren't there. Once I made it past the second dirt road I started cruising and the hit the huge downhill where my fingers and wrists got tired as we descended. Not a bad thing but was missing the full suspension. I cranked hard to the car and was really happy to get there and head home.

Provo Loop to I hate you tubeless!

Got out on a good evening ride, my Mother in law offered to take care of my little man that evening so pops got out on the bike and got going. Still building my SS legs I climbed yet again up to Belt and man that climb never gets easier. I hit most the stuff the other day but hit all of Crop circle trails, which are really fun. On my cruise down the shoreline the rear got soft and then quit right at one of the trailheads. I said to myself what now, since I have been on a good 30 rides this season and this is the third time tubeless fails. Well turns out after some inspection the 80% life left on the Maxxis had a small sidewall tear. I guess it's technically the tires fault but dang this whole tubeless thing is waaaaaaaaaay over rated. I only had a 26" tube and thankfully it worked and got me home. I am so pissed at tubeless, I think I am done with it for good. Is stans suppose to be that watery?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Monday Morning

Oh man life is good, got out for an 5:30am ride, had a horrid night of sleep but that was not stopping this guy, headed to Provo Canyon to do more exploring. I took a slightly different route all the way up which might have been better, I can tell that I ride much better on my rigid single speed which is a bike I never want to be without! I was climbing and came to an intersection and decided to climb no more and I am glad I did. Cause from there I hit the buckle to lament trail and it offered incredible views of the valley. Then it dropped down a tight narrow killer DH. AT the end I was pretty lost but had time so continued uphill to hit another solid section of trails called crop circles. These were tight twisty tree filled delight. Pretty fresh and definitely MTB built. Made my way down to the shoreline trail and kept ripping down very good trail. It was surprisingly good for a long time an then hit a trail head and had to grind up dirt aqueduct road to drop back into provo race trails. Which left me with one heck of a grin filled morning on the bike. Solid solid stuff, love finding new trail, going to get back there to do more next trip.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Corner Canyon cranker

I busted the Belltown out of storage and was nervous taking it out that morning but I just had a feeling it would work fine. I arrived at the trailhead to meet my good friend Brent for a 2 hour ride and found myself with some pre ride time and hit the skills trails, which are some ultra short jump trails, pretty fun but took some getting use to on a rigid 29r. Turned out the freeway was closed and my homie was going to be 20 minutes late so I took off up the trail and had myself some more trail. Took a strip I have not yet rode and found myself meeting with Brent and heading on our ride. He voted Clarks climb, a classic old ride for us, we had not done it in some years and it brought back some good times. I was cranking hard on the Belltown, finally felt right! SS rigid riding in Corner Canyon was going to be just fine! Only problem was the BB, it was creaking up a storm from the Spring bike washes, I wish I had knew better and I hope there is not much water in the frame or anything like that. We hammered to the top and rode down rush which never gets old, no matter what bike I am on. Then Brent got a flat and we had to cut some trail short and climbed back up and did some Ghost falls. Oh what a screaming good morning, I absolutely love Corner Canyon trails they're incredible! Looking at more homes Monday lets hop and pray we find a place!

Mount Timpanogos

Decided to hit the trails at the mouth of Provo Canyon, I have been looking to get back here since I have had a hard time locating trails as a new riding spot usually goes. The ride up to the trails is a sucky gravel road but the trails off of it are wonderfully narrow and fantastic. I took some climbing and wrong trail choices but I did begin to climb out of the canyon and at a tough click even with gears. I had a ride idea in mind and was working my way into it, so far the climbing was rough and lose but my legs were strong. I was getting way up there and was trying to make my way to a saddle to make a solid loop but I was sick of climbing for 90 minutes so I dropped in and had one heck of a ride down 2500Ft! Stoked I got a ride in after getting back from Florida!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Maple Canyon

Last week I took a walk with Landon up a trail, while exploring the nearby Canyons I found myself up Maple Canyon, a close proximity to where we are temporarily living. Low and behold I found bike tires and a decent trail, I had only walked a mile or so but knew there was more potential. So after getting home from my brothers wedding I escaped last night and drove up there with the bike, found myself climbing at a comfortable pace as I beat the horses to the trail in the lot thank goodness! I am sorry but I can't stand sharing the trails with these people and their horses, if I wanted to ride a 1,000 pound unpredictable animal I would not take it to heavy user trails. Anyway so I beat them and luckily climbed and climbed and eventually hit a difficult rocky stream bed. I hiked a bit and found better trail and then hit it again. It was a tough decision for all the hike a bike but I was up of an adventure. After 4 miles up maple I decided to turn around for a fun downhill. It was real fun, reminds me a lot of Little Cottonwood Canyon trail. I was going for a longer climb but was pleased with any riding! Coming down was fun but I was weary to running into the horses. Dodging pile after pile of turds and narrowly missing a massive puddle of horse urine, I found them. I kept a distance as not to spook them and dwindled my thumbs as I lost out at the last 5 minutes of trail. Stoked to know this trail is so close to me, it short but I could out and back in 2x for a solid ride.

Ridge Trail 157

Way behind on the blog but being homeless and busy with a toddler never helps. I rolled out before the wedding in florida for a ride way up high in the Timpanogos. I have rode up here only a few times, but it has always been a treat. It takes so long to get up to trailhead but the drive up is absolutely glorious and nothing else is like it. I have not ridden much lately and was nervous about this ride but I got pedaling. It was absolutely stunning out in the woods, the smells and views were incredible, I ran into a moose shorty into the ride and snapped a shot and was on my way. The climbs were impossible for me sadly, I have gotten out of shape and learning to ride with gears had me bail on so many climbs. I was pretty frustrated with my condition but I just hiked a bike a bit. I rode out as far as I had time for and then came back via deer creek, that trail was awesome. The whole ride was just beautiful, I hope to get LuAnn and Landon up there to experience it with me on foot. Off to Florida the next day and me and my lady had a great time on our open since my mother in law took car of Landon back here in Utah