Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fifth Water Hoot

Well I found some time Wednesday evening and scooted out the house with the bike and extremely excited to ride as usual. I was armed with the geared bike since the Belltown bottom bracket is completely shot and I need to get the new one in. I chose Diamond Fork area since it is fairly close and there are more trails to ride in there. I started up Fifth water instead of the next Canyon over to change things up. I found out that it was nice for the change in scenery but there were more walk a bikes than I would have liked. I rolled bye the waterfalls and Hot Springs as many people were enjoying them and I wish I had time to hop in a cold river. It was a long climb up Fifth water, I did finally make the gate when my phone got signal and it was a message from my wife saying I need to be home at 6:30. Oh poop, I had planned for more time but that was ok, that gave me 20 minutes or so to check out new terrain above where I have ever been. Oh it was a treat, it was such a nice pitch and the trail was skinny and the scenery was great. I had to turn around once I hit the Center trail and I wanted to proceed to bad but I had a 7 mile downhill to attend to so I could be home in time. The ride down was killer, me and the bike were in harmony and it really was a ton of fun. Another absolutely stellar ride, can't wait for the next!

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