Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Provo Loop to I hate you tubeless!

Got out on a good evening ride, my Mother in law offered to take care of my little man that evening so pops got out on the bike and got going. Still building my SS legs I climbed yet again up to Belt and man that climb never gets easier. I hit most the stuff the other day but hit all of Crop circle trails, which are really fun. On my cruise down the shoreline the rear got soft and then quit right at one of the trailheads. I said to myself what now, since I have been on a good 30 rides this season and this is the third time tubeless fails. Well turns out after some inspection the 80% life left on the Maxxis had a small sidewall tear. I guess it's technically the tires fault but dang this whole tubeless thing is waaaaaaaaaay over rated. I only had a 26" tube and thankfully it worked and got me home. I am so pissed at tubeless, I think I am done with it for good. Is stans suppose to be that watery?

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