Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Monday Morning

Oh man life is good, got out for an 5:30am ride, had a horrid night of sleep but that was not stopping this guy, headed to Provo Canyon to do more exploring. I took a slightly different route all the way up which might have been better, I can tell that I ride much better on my rigid single speed which is a bike I never want to be without! I was climbing and came to an intersection and decided to climb no more and I am glad I did. Cause from there I hit the buckle to lament trail and it offered incredible views of the valley. Then it dropped down a tight narrow killer DH. AT the end I was pretty lost but had time so continued uphill to hit another solid section of trails called crop circles. These were tight twisty tree filled delight. Pretty fresh and definitely MTB built. Made my way down to the shoreline trail and kept ripping down very good trail. It was surprisingly good for a long time an then hit a trail head and had to grind up dirt aqueduct road to drop back into provo race trails. Which left me with one heck of a grin filled morning on the bike. Solid solid stuff, love finding new trail, going to get back there to do more next trip.

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