Thursday, July 17, 2014

Delicious Provo Canyon

I have been riding here a lot lately, It has been more than anywhere else, this has mostly to do with location, the situation and where you can crank out miles and good trails. I did head to Sundance but was turned around after they said the trails close at 6:30 even for uphill riders, that was lame but oh well. Luckily it was cooler in the valley so I headed to a reliable Provo Canyon and had the trails all to my self. I took the standard way up and standard way down, only making a few different turns on the far end. Solid ride for sure, I finally felt really strong riding, I have bonked a few times on my fitness but I think I am getting it back and building as we speak. I love riding at the end of the day, it really glows on those foothills. I could have rode another hour easy, but I headed home to spend a little time with my lovely wife. So we are about to go udner contract on a home in Sandy, we are ecstatic at the location and so in love with the home, needs a few things since our budget can only be so much, but I am so excited to finally set down roots and no longer pay someone else mortgage!

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