Sunday, July 6, 2014

Corner Canyon cranker

I busted the Belltown out of storage and was nervous taking it out that morning but I just had a feeling it would work fine. I arrived at the trailhead to meet my good friend Brent for a 2 hour ride and found myself with some pre ride time and hit the skills trails, which are some ultra short jump trails, pretty fun but took some getting use to on a rigid 29r. Turned out the freeway was closed and my homie was going to be 20 minutes late so I took off up the trail and had myself some more trail. Took a strip I have not yet rode and found myself meeting with Brent and heading on our ride. He voted Clarks climb, a classic old ride for us, we had not done it in some years and it brought back some good times. I was cranking hard on the Belltown, finally felt right! SS rigid riding in Corner Canyon was going to be just fine! Only problem was the BB, it was creaking up a storm from the Spring bike washes, I wish I had knew better and I hope there is not much water in the frame or anything like that. We hammered to the top and rode down rush which never gets old, no matter what bike I am on. Then Brent got a flat and we had to cut some trail short and climbed back up and did some Ghost falls. Oh what a screaming good morning, I absolutely love Corner Canyon trails they're incredible! Looking at more homes Monday lets hop and pray we find a place!

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