Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Provo Canyon Raw

Monday morning I got a chance to go get in a morning ride, as usual I was up by 4:55 and gathered my gear and off I went. It was even darken than last week, I could barely see the trail when I started so maybe I will be packing a light soon. I decided to try a new climbing route, the Ireland climb. Believe it or not it was even worse than the other routes. I guess I won't be looking to climb that again, it was however a spectacular view of the city lights. There are so many trails on the way up and I did not mess with my phone so I winged it. Turned out I did pretty good as I found my way to the pile of rocks. I had plans to take a trail called Taj Majal but due to confusion I missed it. I was climbing forever and finally checked where I was and I was on my way up to Little Baldy. I have been wanting to get up there since it totaled me a few weeks ago, so I chugged on up. It was a solid climb let me tell you. I spotted a trail off to the left and thought nothing of it since I was not in Dry Canyon yet. The trial started to get really ugly, very grown in, very steep, nothing that resembled a well traveled mountain bike trail. I said just keep going but I was hiking a bike now and running out of time. I know once you clear the Big Baldy Mountain things get so good but I have never had enough time. I was in Dry Canyon but had further to go but I just did not have the time and the trail was terrible. I turned around and took that unknown trail I spotted a little ago. Holy crap it got steep and loose and fun, it was a tight trail that wound down a steep mountain and then into a little chute. It was a ton of fun and I was on the Full suspension that day and I was glad I had it. It was nice to be roaring downhill for what seemed forever. I made some random turns and found myself on lament trail, the DH I smashed my face on last week, I rode it very carefully. Once I hit Dry Canyon I usually go straight but this time I went down it. It was another killer addition to more ear to ear DH. The I hit Shoreline and had a nice fast ride to the car. Loved this ride it was a beat down for sure

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