Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Coyote Canyon Loop

Well my lady and the boy took off for the aquarium for the morning and I had some time to ride, not enough to make it to Park City but I got close. I have rode Coyote Canyon once before and its a nice un complicate 20+ mile loop that I thought would be a good SS rigid trail since I am still gaining my legs back. Well I got going and found my way to the trail wand was greeted with slightly damp trail from the night before. It sucked up a lot of my energy but I just kept cranking. I remember why I didn't care for this trail, its pretty boring, once I got up into the aspens I got some nice views and smells and just an hour into the ride I was begging for it to be over sadly. But I kept chugging along, had to walk a bit I have to admit, legs just weren't there. Once I made it past the second dirt road I started cruising and the hit the huge downhill where my fingers and wrists got tired as we descended. Not a bad thing but was missing the full suspension. I cranked hard to the car and was really happy to get there and head home.

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