Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ridge Trail 157

Way behind on the blog but being homeless and busy with a toddler never helps. I rolled out before the wedding in florida for a ride way up high in the Timpanogos. I have rode up here only a few times, but it has always been a treat. It takes so long to get up to trailhead but the drive up is absolutely glorious and nothing else is like it. I have not ridden much lately and was nervous about this ride but I got pedaling. It was absolutely stunning out in the woods, the smells and views were incredible, I ran into a moose shorty into the ride and snapped a shot and was on my way. The climbs were impossible for me sadly, I have gotten out of shape and learning to ride with gears had me bail on so many climbs. I was pretty frustrated with my condition but I just hiked a bike a bit. I rode out as far as I had time for and then came back via deer creek, that trail was awesome. The whole ride was just beautiful, I hope to get LuAnn and Landon up there to experience it with me on foot. Off to Florida the next day and me and my lady had a great time on our open since my mother in law took car of Landon back here in Utah

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