Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shoreline Homecoming

Well I was kicked off the bike for awhile so LuAnn could finish up her preparation for her dental admission test. It was a mellow week since I had to be very low key and make things smooth sailing for my wife. I still annoyed her and tried to get a ride in so I had to try. The test went as planned on Monday and we were set to look at homes on Tuesday so we all met in SLC and were done by 6:15. I headed over to the zoo looking down on the east bench from the highway and a lot of memories started rolling thru my head. It was nice to see all the trees and that not much had changed, was kind of sucky for a second cause I wish so bad we could afford to live in those neighborhoods but we just can't. Onwards I made it to the zoo, was pretty pumped as I usually am to ride right. The first climb burned my lungs, I have had this feeling before maybe 1-2 other times, it really sucked, felt like a hair dryer was put down my throat and lungs just felt awful. It did not help that my legs have got realy weak from lack or riding this spring/summer. I really hope to get back in shape cause the spot I am in right now is not great compared to a little while ago. I carried on and was loving the scenery, its a very wide trail for most the ride and filled with plenty of people until you get to ry creek. The views of the city just get better as you go along, I got pretty excited as I rolled by the University of Utah thinking LuAnn would be going there if all goes well. I was feeling better but mostly cause it's a real easy pedal until dry creek. Soon I was at the begining of what has always been a tough ride up to Bobsled. It's absolutely fantastic to be experiencing all the smells and sights I remember so well, I have rode up this trail more than any other. I kept waiting for hoards of poeple to be blowing by my on the bike but luckily I had no heat behind me so I just chugged up, it was not pretty but soon I was up Olympic Hill and realized my timing was way off and I had to cut it short and drop down Bobsled. Bobsled was incredible as it always is, there is nothing lie the first run down it every year, luckily this time there will be no shortage of it like the last 4 years. Had a solid run down that felt great and then made my way to the car. With the sun going down it was glorious, I wish I had more time to do more but I was already going to be getting home around 10pm.

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