Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fathers day Sunday hike

I decided to start a father and son tradition, every year I will do all I can to do a hike or camp as father and son every year until I can't walk no more. So this Sunday we went on a good one with Bentley. I finally got to put the Deuter Kid Comfort 2 to the test and it performed flawless. I chose Slate Canyon to Slide Canyon and never been there but it was close and started on the valley floor. It began a gravel road that just got more and more steep as we went. I questioned my sanity with an extra 30 pounds on my back but it was a nice evening and we had not much to do and I wanted the exercise I have been looking for since I can't take it out on the bike. After 90 minutes we lost cell signal and started to get into more dense high elevation vegetation. Still following a road until a trail junction we forked and climbed up a steep saddle. By now we were in alpine forests and incredible spring scenery. Reaching the top of the saddle I was anxious to send out a message or call to my wife but I was still without signal. We finally began descending and I was glad since the body was taking a toll. Landon Fell asleep a few times and despite that I talked to him from time to time and he was content otherwise. I got signal and sent the word to my wife all was well as we headed down mountain. Had spectacular view of the valley floor and Utah Lake. We hit the top of the Y and found people enjoying the hike up as we were going down. Bentley was desperate for water so we shared a water fountain at the trailhead. My phone was dead by then so the strava gps track ended unfortunately. Hit the car and was anxious to get home, was a fantastic hike and look forward to another 40+ years of them with my son.

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