Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Through the storm

Been a heavy couple of weeks with the preparation for the move to Utah. Well the good news is we are all in state now and searching for a place to live while we stay with my in laws. Utah is great, still expanding and still finding new areas that popped up in the last year. The weather is ridiculous, so sunny and so dry I love it, no sign of rain yet. I drove into town Saturday night after 36 hours of driving in less than two days, it was a solid accomplishment but me and the dogs arrives safely to be with my family. I planned to get out on the bike and dust off the Tanuki since it was already here and other bikes are in transit. It was awkward and definitely needs some love, tires, grips, fork service, and tune up which all sucks but when it had to work it did when I hit dirt in corner canyon. I never like the vibe the parking lot has got, theres a ton of bikers and it lacks that secluded feeling NE riding brings. None the less I was in bliss as I rode up the mountains. My legs quickly began to burn since I was on geared bike and I was sitting down, my butt hurt too from all that sitting. I rode a big loop, Using the shoreline trail, Anns, Eagle Crest, Jacobs ladder which is a fun ripping raw descent. The wheels washed out plenty on me and the bike felt awful but I think I can get it better with some purchases. Back was absolutely killing me as well and neck, probably cause of the spectacular views. I love riding Corner Canyon, tons of trail and such a great day on the bike for my homecoming!

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