Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The right stuff!

Still got some dark and cool mornings as spring comes steamrolling in......


After a quick repair from the chain snap, got back to the trail for a great spin !

Beauty of the storm

Those winter storms are magic, and I went out right after a good soaking, the clouds were surprisingly clearing but it was quite the scene! As I was climbing I began to get a cyclic popping and hopped off a few times to look for the culprit, with no luck I pedaled on until the chain snapped, well I wasn't too surprised I guess. There it lay oddly in not two but in three pieces! Leaving me with just my quick links and apparently not he little chain I keep in my kit, so I tried a trailsside repai but found the chain way too short so chainless I went down the hill. With it being such an incredibe moring, I did the repair at home where I had a chain and back to the trail i went, obsessed I know..... The reward was sweet as I rode in the storm!

Green Canyon

All that rain and sun has got Gold Canyon gone green, seriously the grass is looking crazy!

Friday, February 2, 2024

Loving it

really enjoying riding 5 days a week :)!

Summer breeze

Man there is some warmth coming in, 80s are forecasted and I am not wild about that but luckily it's still january for a few more days......Breezy but very sweaty ride. The sun and rain has turned things mighty green, apache flyovers are becomign very frequent and I love it!

In b4

The poopstorm of riders getting after it at Hawes, so tempted to go ride Gold to have it to myself but I am justy a sucker for long climbs and descents.....Got an early start, my niterider is acting up, so relied on my magicshine completely, kinda risky but it's been flawless lately.

Filthy animal

Thursday brought some heavy rains and Friday was a wonderful time on the hill, I love love love love winter storms! Some hazy looking moisture the last two days, but very coll clouds and fog!


Sweet, cause that's what it is! Morning ride before going for water slides pizza and cake at wolf lodge!