Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Beauty of the storm

Those winter storms are magic, and I went out right after a good soaking, the clouds were surprisingly clearing but it was quite the scene! As I was climbing I began to get a cyclic popping and hopped off a few times to look for the culprit, with no luck I pedaled on until the chain snapped, well I wasn't too surprised I guess. There it lay oddly in not two but in three pieces! Leaving me with just my quick links and apparently not he little chain I keep in my kit, so I tried a trailsside repai but found the chain way too short so chainless I went down the hill. With it being such an incredibe moring, I did the repair at home where I had a chain and back to the trail i went, obsessed I know..... The reward was sweet as I rode in the storm!

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