Sunday, September 26, 2021

Wheee found one!

Another wonderful shot at a ride, Started off at the park and ride without much plan, found myself looping around the mountain. Finaly cleaned climb to twisted sister since the monsoons rutted it. Then on up the Alpe, Gidro is running very sketchy. There in the middle of the trail was a tortiose! luckily in a good enough spot for me not to crash. I took a few pictures, such a cutie. Off I went on a clean run and worthy ride for the day!

Chilean Independance

What a beautiful morning! it was visually distracting the whole time. Pretty busy out there too, I should stay away from Alpe but I can't help it! Plan is to have empanadas and completos!


Some sweet clouds rolled in and provided nice cover for the morning ride, still very sweaty but slightly cooler. I did two laps of RMR and then went to look for a friends tube he lost on Iron Goat. Looking for it was very distracting while paying attention to not eat dirt, didn't find it, 3x alpes and plenty left in the tank!

Messing around

Alot of the same, A sunny Thursday, feeling good and thankful to ride!

Sept 11

It's that time of year, it has now been 20 years since the towers have fallen. It still upsets me at the gross negligence that it was not able to be stopped, I looked at the timeline from the plane from Boston and communication and the second plane, it's incredible to think this was possible. Those moments before so many lost their lives and thos who didn't but forever changed, my heart and prayers go out to them. I went on a ride, a big ride, I guess I should have kept going, I would have covered all the trails on that side of the mountain. I still had plenty of leg in me, I really want to do some big rides, I can't convince my wife though.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Belltown wants to rip

It was easy to grab the belltown for another ride, today I noticed it wanted to speed, set a few PR's taking it easy on RMR, I guess I never realized it likes going faster DH!


We are still getting thru this excessive heat warning, making the best of it still getting myself all sun screened up to go out and play.

Happy Labor Day

It was nice to get an extra day riding in this Labor Day. I started nice and early to beat the crowd, I certainly did the first half, the second half not so much. Climbing back tot he car I saw someone on what looked like a bike moving too fast to even be an ebike, turns out it was juts a regular ebike, man those things are fast, won't catch me ever on one but to each their own.


phewey, a beautiful morning for sure!

Sweaticus maximus

Did the doozy in a hot humid Friday, two laps of RMR!

Friday, September 10, 2021


We got some fresh rain over night, made for a sticky warm morning with overcast. I was riding in on fenceline and noticed all these critters on the trail, they were behaving differently to get out of my way and I got down close to see them which I thought might be toads, and turns out they were! Thousands of baby toads all over the trail hopping out of the way, the desert is extremely happy right now! They were all gone once I left the canal area which I am guessing they love. The ride went great, I was super soaked in sweat but job well done around the mountain.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Hopped another one....

Yea I had to hop another one, scary stuff. Goodness I love early mornings, still lingering heat and humidity, sweating on the downhills but at least enjoying some time without the sun on my Saturdays. I went the long way round and threw in some more for good measure, kind of my classic loop.

Praying for the troops

It sure has been a mess in Afghanistan this month, we lost 13 of our own on Wednesday. I have never supported Hiding Biden and continue to be in shock of the wake of terrible of this administration. The military and leadership frustration was on my mind, I pedaled on not forgeting my freedoms and liberties that have blessed my life. I did two laps of RMR, definitely still on the ball, the rekon 2.4 is growing on me now it's a little broken in.

Hawes on Benadryl

Man I sure have gotten my trash kicked this week, I have been having aggressive pollen allergies recently. Massive congestion, swollen burning eyes, just annoying! Not to mention it's so hot out, but I refuse to miss rides because of it even if it means riding on benadryl. I heard reports of catepillars everywhere and Hawes was pretty quiet until I got up high and started finding them littered among the trail. I was focused on not crunching them and was pretty successful. Great ride, still very humid after the rain.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

SO much betta

I hit the trails early Saturday as usual, what a relief in my performance and attitude. The skies are darker every evening and I got to ride quite a bit before the sun came up and enjoyed every minute of it.

Winter now please!

I went out for a beat down and that's exactly what I got! Man it was rought, the sun just torched me, I came very close to turning around on my second time up Alpe, but I chugged on with about all I had. Not use to being so beat. Great ride none the less. I really really can't wait for winter!

Desert Garden

Wow, the storms have settled, the sun is out and the vegetation and wildlife are thriving. I can't remember seeing Hawes like this, some humidity lingers and this one beat me up pretty bad by the elements that is.