Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Round the mountain

I set off with some new trails in mind, particularily Zooropa and Fang and crest view. It was a delightful ride up anns and holy crap was zooropa fun! My favorite built DH trail so far. The onto Fang it was nice in and out of the trees and very comfortable ups and downs, I forgot I was on the south side of the mountin since it feels just like the north side. I was really impressed with that trail. The onto long view, a purpose built mellow uphill trail that goes on for awhile and very enjoyable. My legs were toast but I clibed up to Jacobs anyway. That was one long deserved descent! Ghost falls still my all time favorite DH! What a great loop!

Back to corner canyon

As always I get excited to return back to the Corner trails, it always felt like home and once it was just 5 minutes from the trails. I decided to hit the classic with Ann's and rattler/hollow climbing and ghost/rush DHs. They never ever disapoint, I threw in jacobs ladder for good measure. Ahhhh that was pure bliss!

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Utah Baby!!!!!!!!

I made great time on my drive, I left home about 4:45am and rolled into Spanish Fork about 3pm, I gathered some itiems we needed and dropped them off and headed for the trails! I had some time before LuAnn and Landon came in by plane. I went for Payson Canyon to ride the lower trails. It was stinking hot, but I was on cloud 9 out of AZ. It was as I remembered it and figured out the network a little more each time, my favorite spot is the wooded downhill trails, orange gate, noah, etc... I went out on a trail I haven't yet, nothing wild but nice out an back. I was a sweaty mess, more than even UT, I dipped my head into the canal and it was asbolutely refreshing! Next time I will bring a change of clothes and go for a swim after a ride. I got two hours in and went looking for food

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Summer is here

With wild fires blazing, scorpions, high pollution and heat, we are in the thick of summer. Looking forward to some monsoons and trips outside the valley is about all I am looking forward to at this point.

Saturday Habit

Hottest hottest saturday yet, survived it just fine, love me a Saturday ride!

Tres Alpes

Man I put some leg down on this 2 hour ride, I did the 3 alpes for who knows what reason, then added in Maricopa madness for good measure, plenty more in the tank too!

Guess my favorite trail

Yeah try to guess my favorite trail, Gidro baby!

OOOOooohhh Weeeee

Staying good

Classic Saturday shred, the ride was good, hottest saturday so far, just keeping those cranks turning. I rode alot of the belltown lately, found myself enjoying the 175mm cranks vs 170.


This ride really but the beat down on me, not sure what is up, no problem riding but felt it for sure!

Ready for some woods

The morings are still pretty comfortable, excessive sweat as usual with heavy climbing but as long as your moving it's not too bad. Desperate for some woods, that fill is on it's way in Utah next week, not the cool down I was looking for but some new sights and sounds are severely welcomed.

Verterans day

I love me some US military, today I was off on an Hawes classic, I definitely had some thoughts about our country and it's verterans.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Happy happy joy joy

I love this Saturday loop, starting to become habit which is fine and good :)

Bugs N stuff

I went chugged on up to Red Mountain Rush, filled in the rest and man I was cooked by the end of the ride, felt all 2600 ft of that!

Love this bike

Back on the belltown, a nice change, I guess I am slower on it, I notice the canks are 175mm which I actually think I prefer but I ride 175s better. Great ride, really testing those welds.....

Oh Well

I found myself on the higway making the split second decision and headed off to Gold Canyon to brave the wilds of Gold Canyon in hopes of not finding any snakes in my path, It was refreshing to get out of the usual spots, I noticed this year the trails are not grown in at all like last year, good for seeing critters. All was going mighty well, I really enjoy starting off with Cow Pies, on a little punchy climb I felt a pop. Lookeed around and found my axle had snapped. I scratced my head and thought of the fastest way out on foot, which would take easily an hour to get back, I was right next to a dirt road that was a perfect escape, I decided to try it out with my weight on it. Amazinfly I pedaled out very carefully, knowing if it came out it would not be good. I was extremely grateful to make it almost to the car and on the pavement the axle slipped out 3-4 times and I walked the last few minutes. I wasn't bugged much by the mecahnical, replacement on the way.