Friday, June 4, 2021

Oh Well

I found myself on the higway making the split second decision and headed off to Gold Canyon to brave the wilds of Gold Canyon in hopes of not finding any snakes in my path, It was refreshing to get out of the usual spots, I noticed this year the trails are not grown in at all like last year, good for seeing critters. All was going mighty well, I really enjoy starting off with Cow Pies, on a little punchy climb I felt a pop. Lookeed around and found my axle had snapped. I scratced my head and thought of the fastest way out on foot, which would take easily an hour to get back, I was right next to a dirt road that was a perfect escape, I decided to try it out with my weight on it. Amazinfly I pedaled out very carefully, knowing if it came out it would not be good. I was extremely grateful to make it almost to the car and on the pavement the axle slipped out 3-4 times and I walked the last few minutes. I wasn't bugged much by the mecahnical, replacement on the way.

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