Monday, April 15, 2024

Spicy and new bike

Good news, they warrantied my frame, and apparently decided to give me a entire bike, a black, fuse comp, good deal. Since I wasn't interested in a complet bike this one will stay in the box until my boy is big enough and I can make it his bike. Going the get the broken fuse welded and build it back up for backup bike, or buy a titanium frame which isn't in the cards just yet.


It's getting uncomfortable already, my outlook is grim, I really thought I wouldn't still be here but I find myself here, I am blessed but having trouble staying positive.

Enjoying the salsa timber jack

I must say that even after the first ride I have been really enjoying the timberjack, maybe even more than the fuse.

Picketpost Peak

I hadn't quite filled my cup after the 3 hour ride so I panned to go on a hikke and bag a peak. Right from the trailhead is the traill that leads up to the top, it was a bit easier than I expected but still alot of fun with climbing and scrambling and then a nice easy stroll at the top, the views were indeed good and I actually wanted more, but as usual going down is my problem when my quads go numb and give up but still got up and down quite quick. Believe it or not I kinda wanted to go for another ride but the sun was full tilt and I should be heading home.

Superior majesty

I have been in need of a some fresh sights and unable to get up north so I headed for Superior. Decided to ride the Picketpost of AZT and man Oh man was it outstanding. Flowers, meadows and cool damp vibes from the day before. The pictures can do the talking, then to top it off a nice lush ride through that blissful arnett canyon, really is a hidden gem!