Sunday, April 28, 2019

To the river!

A full week of rides, this one I was desperate for something different, it was easy and enjoyable, I missed the lush greens by the river but got thru the weeds without a snake encounter, a bit further up I did come across a feitsy little rattler. It'always so nice to get across the street back on Wild Horse and have the nice buff smooth trails back to the car. Another ride with a busy mind but mission complete!

Saguaro Blooms

I was pretty surprised to spot those white Saguaro blooms on this April morning, been enjoying each desert beauty this spring as each one comes into bloom.


Well its been on my mind for weeks, getting out of Phoenix, the time is coming, I will be off to CT 5/6 for some time with my family and some bike rides. Looking very forward to both! Sun beat down on my pretty good today, sunscreen is now on and here comes the summer as we have 100F temperatures on the way.

Lizard Corpse

Unsure where to ride, but sure of a always a good time at the horse trails, so close simple and quick. It's getting regretably hot out there, not looking forward to it....... Ride was success, nothing crazy.

Mixed Bag

Grandma is gone, with things back to normal somewhat I was out on y normal Monday funny business. Not feeling all that great in the head game but riding thru it. Palo Verdes are in full glowing glory. Motivted only to complete 15 miles and not much else, I was all wrapped up somewhat happily and looking forward to cooling off.

Monday, April 22, 2019

E bikes without shame

Friday my mother in law was in town and I got the go ahead for a casual normal ride, it was good friday so I was unsure how busy it was going to be out at Hawes. Turns out it was pretty busy but not too bad. Heading up the ridge I got heat on my back tire from some E bikers, I let them pass and watched as they leirsurely steamed up the trail as I pedaled under normal power. I was surprised to find both of them perfectly capable of a normal pedal bike but yet they were on e bikes, kinda strange. They stoppef for a drink at the top of the climb and I kind of chuckled, despite their lack of work they needed a drink. I steamed on for a plan to go up to Mine. I ran into them again on mine and I passed them and put them behind me again. I got cutoff on the entrane to TRW but a beater, he wouldn't let me pass for some reason and I got really frustrated, no headphones or anything so I just about pushed myelf by, not sure where the lack of decency was about, I was a little disapointed in my frustration in the riders out at Hawes but I was telling myself to stop being suck a prick. Ride was done and I got my excercise and was happy to.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Smile inducing devices

I was a bit sour on this Thursday, I got back from the ride after pushing most the time to stay out on the trail, its not always sunny in pardise ya know, when I returned to my clean car I just washed, I was grateful to both my bike and the vw GTI that I love.

Weatherous treat :)

The heat is on the doorstep, 100F is coming tomorrow and for today a little rain came over night and I was thrilled! with cloudy breezy skies it felt good out there!

Feeling better

Feeling good on this Tuesday, better than normal, but that doesn't mean faster! Good old hawes loop and I was out after 15 miles.

No helmet monday

Monday came soon enough and happy to be pedaling, I got to the Usery Pass and saw my helmet was missing since I left it in the garage after the family bike ride. I was not veyr worried to ride without it, I guess my helmet is pretty sweet cause it felt like it was still on my head except I was missing the sun visor. The ride went off good, came across a mellow rattlesnake chilling on the trail, I felt remarkably chill in his presence as well, I guess if they're not rattling or posed to strike I mind them a whole lot less.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Family ride

I must admit aside from the amount of biking I do weekly, I am a very lazy person, I have been in regret of lack of cycling with my family, luckily my wife was into the idea and Saturday all three of us rolled around the neighborhood, Landon was calm and cool on the bike and washe dout twice but was most stoked about making friends on the neighborhood playground obviously.

Waking up Hawes

Did not plan to ride this morning, but I did and certainly did not regret it. Did a replica of the day before, easy and breezy, good deal, bring on the weekend!

Cool and cloudy!

Wow soe nice weather has rolled in, with temperatures pushing 98F last week this was a treat, it's not over just yet! I am very very grateful for the cooler temperatures! Simple hawes ride and done.

What's done is done

Some choppy waters here on the home front, this ride was a head filled one as most of them are, but this was a tough day I was glad it involved a bike ride.

My wheel is back!

Oh man it has been a quick two weeks without my Stans Arch wheel, I finally got the serial number off it and sent it in to them. As usual Stans no tubes was flawless in the warrat and took great care of me. I got a nice new rim and maybe a new driver I think, the tire went on adn air went in and off I went to ride it Wednesday. Sooooo good to have it back, what a different feel of the bike over terrain and quicker freewheel engagement, I really wonder what a high end wheelset feels like. Everyting held air and I had a pleasant ride out on the Horse trails, ran into a rattler, the ones on that side of the mountain are so chill, they never even rattle at me, at Gold Canyon however those suckers mean business. I feel slightly calmer when I come across them since it's a weekly thing now....

Monday, April 15, 2019

Oh hi there

Finally mixed up a run on the Tuesday ride, at familiar hawes but decided to go up to Mine trail. On the way I came a cross a friendly trail critter, so cool to see turtles in the desert! The rest was a masher on the eastern side of Hawes with good stuff, more climbing than usual and all was good with it.

Monday hedgehog cacti day

Pretty dang nice out here still, the desert is drying out and the flowers are still holding strong but the grasses are dead, the hedgehogs are in full bloo, they're so vibrant when they flower, such a treat and distraction of color from the handlebars.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Wayyyyyy tooo close

Had myself an early service of dirt on Saturday morning, it was just fine out there but it all went sour when I rolled a few inches from a Rattler, glad he didn't take a strike at me while I rolled by.

Becoming Too XC

Beautiful cool Friday morning, really numbered how many more of these are left.....I am starting to really want to get into the high country or just out of AZ......

Funky Monkey

I took Wednesday off as my wife and I went to the temple and it was best to lay off the bike and I was just fine with it. So Thursday I was off running at Hawes for some fun, still felt off but enjoyed the ride as best as I could but got my fill for the day.

No power from the flowers

Allergies are psarked back up this week, not feeling particularily strong on the bike either but none the less enjoying a cool week here in AZ for now, Flowers still everywhere!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Terrarium Monday at Browns

The traffic pattern finally worked in my favor on Monday morning and I was pleased as I headed out to Browns to check out some of their new trails. Having not been out there in a while I was ready for a change in scenery. Got pedaling into a headwind that I would be dealing with 80% of the ride but with lush grown in narrow trail and flowers to boot I was happily pedaling into browns and on the new good stuff. The new stuff is as flowy and fun as most of Browns thrown in with some rocks to play on. It was not long in before my first reptile, A Gila Monster! I got right up close to him for a wonderful picture and then off I went into a maze of new and old unmarked trails, I got confused mostly so just kept taking random trails until I felt like heading into the known stuff. Did I say Headwind! wow it felt terrible as I climbed against it but slow moving it was steady moving. I came across a rattle snake, I rode right by it as it didn't flinch at me. I hopped off for a picture and it still had no problem with me, definitely one of the better encounters for me. Onwards now snake weary but on wide trails where I can see them more easily. A mile down the trail another snake! This one being a gopher but much more pissed off at me getting in close for a pitcure, I saw him flatten his belly and raise himself as a warning and with a picture done we went on our ways. Further into the park and looking forward to the return with the wind at my back, it was smooth sailing and some choices had me ripping down Hawksnest a classic flowy trail that heads towards the car. The plan was axle grease and I made my way there on a awsome mellow ride back to the car. Oh yeah, picked some wildflowers last week and right before the car I grabbed a bunch to bring home and replace the ones from last week :)

Monday, April 1, 2019

Can't lay off the sauce

Got deent rest so despiration for a good mood I was out plenty early Saturday to beat the sun and crowds. Mission accomplished :)