Monday, November 30, 2015

Boo YAH!!!!!

With snow covered trails I was off to Herriman to squeeze in my last 26 miles on the bike this season before hitting my goal. I was lucky and got to do this one in daylight, and off I went on a spin on familiar trials in Herriman. I was pretty busy as I riding, thinking of all the great rides this year. I still did not ride a few things this year and hoped to but with work now in full swing my time off is going to be hard to swing anything fancy. I really have to thank my wife for yet another great riding season. Loving it, I guess I am somewhat excited to explore Arizona trails in March next year but time will be limited and riding time will be tough with her in medical school and all. Bring it on 2016!

Cold and Dark

With snow all over the Valley and mostly right in my backyard, I headed for the dry and I decided to hammer out 20 miles at my not so favorite riding location over in Herriman. It was cold and dark but I was armed and ready and got the job done. Trails were fast and frozen and now I am just 26 miles from victory!

Making Best of it

   Well the snow came, It came down harder than I though as I headed out to do a little riding while Landon was in school and before I start work. It was pretty slow moving making tracks in the snow, it was borderline doable as I was moving uphill, anything level and downhill were just fine. The snow was coming down and it was absolutely beautiful as the big flakes came down. I shortened my loop and explored a litte in between stuff and got a good 5 miles done. 

Weather Moving In

   Weather is moving in, the snow is on the way, I wish I had more time to finish up these miles but looks like they will have to wait after the storm. Got one more ride in in confidence of beautiful warm dry conditions, I must say this fall has been mighty kind!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CT Punks

A old CT riding friend had a friend moving to SLC and he gave him my info to give him some help or pointers. So he contacted me and we got talking, we planned to ride but it fell apart twice but on the third time, this saturday it all came together. We met up at Corner Canyon and I took him on a good tour, I was pretty jealous he was getting his first ride on our trails, I can only imagine if I got to go back to my very first time I rode Corner canyon, I cannot even remember. He turned out to be in good shaper and we spun a quick run up and down to the summit twice. Another warm fuzzy sunny day on the bike, thank you November!

Another Big Rippa

    Oh its is sweet to be getting long rides at the end of the season. I can happily say that even after 30 miles these legs could do a lot more damage. I am a bit bummed I didn't do a big ride this year, but I rode a lot and I have little to complain about. I set off Friday morning with 30 miles planned as I am growing nearer to my goal and nearer to snow and cold temperatures. This morning was the coldest to far but still not bad at all. I decided to ride All of The Sandy/Draper shoreline trail and once that was done made a big loop and filled in the miles. A great ride was had and so happy to be out there enjoying the morning! A little snow squall passed by throwing flurries around and was welcomed.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Monday Spinner

Closing on in on that 100 mile left mark, I needed miles and weather was moving in for mid week so I cranked on an early morning. I am desperate to ride but finding time is tricky, my son waking up crazy early lately is not helping my cause. Next week my brother flys in and we are off on adventures and I will loose time for riding that week. I believe I can get my 2k in as long as I ride when I absolutely can before the valley gets coated. This ride was really good, I actually didn't want to stop riding but I had to stop since I already pushed my allotted time. I ride Corner Canyon a lot since it's close and I can hammer the miles out. Not my way of doing it but gets the job done.


   Couldn't wake up in the morning on time for an early morning, but luckily got out to the trails one way or the other. It was a stunning day with tacky trails from the rain the day before. The peaks got dusted in snow and made for a nice view but reminder winter is just around the corner. Been feeling really good on these last few rides, lots of energy and excitement.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Shoreline gets a cave

   Rode out to Corner Canyon for a Thursday ride while Landon was in school. It was another nice day on the bike, mid day rides are just so awesome. While heading out on shoreline, I noticed a new trail cut that lead me to this cool new mini section. It's pretty much a cave and is short but was a cool feature now as I guess they enhance the draper shoreline trail.

Glorious Fall

    Utah has been fortunate to be having a mild fall so far this year, with plenty of temperatures in the 60s and 70s. This has made for pleasant bike rides as we head for November. I am loving every one of them in the warm fuzzy weather. This one was no exception, Landon went off to school and off I went on the bike for a good mid day spin, trying to squeeze miles out of my goal. I know I have plenty of time to figure out how to fill 150 miles but you just never know what can happen the next few weeks. This was a great ride, a fast one too! I am finally feeling back in the groove!