Saturday, February 26, 2022


Back from Vegas, very little sleep and alot of driving but not much can stop this guy from hitting the trails too early in the morning. Football game at 9 so I had 3-3.5 hours to ride. Really nice temperature and so perfect out. Would have loved another 10 or 20 miles but my time was up and looking forward to the next one! Next week I wont be able to do my normal thurs, fri ride but will definitely get Saturdays. Kind of bummed but it will be alright.

Cool grippy rippy

We got some rain wednesday, a rare event for us and lucky for me I was free to get a ride in before we left for vegas that morning. It's going to be a two ride week for the MTB but I snuck in some gravel rides to get by. The mornig was frosty, the car and trail was frozen and I was plenty warm in a ncie 34F :) Great ride and then was off for a 1 night birthday celebration in Vegas!

More of that please!

Oohh yeah, nice dose of ride, still want so much more, out of time again with the kiddo footbal but 3.5 hours is nothing to complain about.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Pedal it out

Having a real hard time with school. My mind was so busy, distracted most my ride but still so pleasant to get out and ride, the last 20% I got the junk out of my head so success!

Why run when you can RIDE!

The mesa marathon was happening so I started off on the Old side and made my way around. Mixed the ride up a bit, and fatastic as always. I had a shorter ride today but certainly not going to complain about 3 hours. Landon started football so thats the new schedule. Ran into my buddy Jiri, I really am surprised there aren't more ealry birds out there but I am glad there isn't!

What no snakes?

Really expecting a nasty rattler around every corner now that the heat is out. So far this ride was without one happily but I know I will have many run ins this year and hope they all are at a distance! Great ride, loads of ebikes, I think there was 50% analog and 50% ebiked on that ride. Don't care just saying.

Another hot AZ summer........

Man my allergies kicked up big time, itchy eyes, little athsma, etcc..... The side effect are a nuisance but I charge through them, i will admit my mind is being trouble by another AZ summer on it's way, we are in the 80s and I am not looking forward to the scorching temperatures again. But nothing left to do but complain and bear it and pedal on. Time for new shoes! These fiveten impacts have been strong for 3 years!

Good habit or bad habit?

Just another perfect winter early morning on the bike. Still perfect shorts and t shirt weather! These 40 mi 5k climbs are getting habitual and I like it. Honestly I am not even tired by the end of it I can kep going but most the time I should be getting home to more important things. Great ride, I canceled my fuse complete order, going to hunt for a frame instead and get a nie set of wheels!

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Riding bikes while thinking about bikes

Yea so I took a leap of faith and ordered a specialized fuse last week. Shortly after ordering I realize all the things I needed to do to it to get it how I wanted it and did not like my decision. Our current financial situation is ok but definitely not good. The dropper would be removed, could sell it, the wheels are not singlespeed capable, could sell it, the fork, I would not be using, could sell it. The trash sram brakes.... I would do much better with a frame and some really nice wheels than spending 2,500 on a bike that I have to modify. It's partly my fault, I don't need most the things people want like suspension or droppers. So I canceled my order after buyers remorse and am hunting down a frame only used or keep trying to find a new one. None of the manufacturers on my list are able to sell any currently. So the ride was great despite the distraction of needing to call the bike shop to ty to cancel my deposit. I still really wanted that bike and have for like 3 years...... Oh well. That is how I ended up with my salsa which was a very very good decision!

More cold please

Febuary is here, and so is a heat wave, the sun was warm and the sweat was back to pouring even in early morning. Oh well, nothing to do but ride on but better get my sunscreen supply ready. Great ride, my allergies have arrived too so booooooooo!

Monday, February 7, 2022

Moon rise and a sun rise!?

A windy quiet morning and lots of trails for my regular Saturday ride. In the dark of night I noticed something bright popping up behind Usery Mountain, I was blown away when it was noticable it was the moon! I can't recall ever see the moon rise from the east but probably has to do with this time of the year and at first thought I was loosing my mind or the world was ending. I pedaled on in brave fashion and then sure enough the sun followed after. Great ride, i got that 5k vert I wanted again, was easier than I thought!

not great day for flight attendant

The wind was ripping today, I forget how much the wind like to move around a light weight wagon wheeled 29r. The wind does not bother me at all, I got blown off my lines a few times but other than that it was a shredder!