Sunday, March 18, 2018

Body Battle

Awoke at 4:15 and easily found myself eager to hit the trail, once I got rolling by 5am I was not so eager. As I pearled on it got downright negative, my mind was flooded, ambition growing weaker, legs barking. I held in there for quite awhile but threw in the towel a few miles early, still better to have it in there though before the week was over.

To the dirt!

Well this has to be some kind of record, found myself headed back to South Mountain this time with Ryan. I had planned some stuff I haven't ridden in a bit such as Javelina but had a change of heart and ended up riding the classic...... Really really nice day out, the air is clear and vegatation growing vibrant.

Me and the bike still got it!

Feeling more ambitious than normal I was in desperate need of some spice. With my pass needing renewal and no extra time I looked to South Mountain for a beat down. I changed out my gear for 32x22 and surely it made climbing soon much better up Mormon and onto national. I cruised up it pretty easy to be honest, got to the lookout and dropped into the parking lot to make my way to Corona De Loma. Enjoying my first dose of tech I was feeling slightly off my game and wasn't paying enough attention to how serious the features are. None the less after a few sketchy moments I was down the mountain with a big smile on my face, got to love that on a rigid bike, nothing like it. I guess my brakes are 100% back since I got them contaminated with brake fluid, it took 200 miles but happy to report the oil is all worn off and I did't even need to buy new pads. I will say those stubborn 200 miles had some slippery moments but know I am 35$ richer :)

Standard issue

Feeling lazy on Monday but plenty time to ride I was at South Mountain doing the usual.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lone Soldier

I was told to be home by 7am, she 4:30am my alarm went off and geared up and headed for South Mountain. Forgot my phone, ran back to the house, decided to keep it closer to home so it was going to be another Hawes ride. In the dark I was feeling fine, enjoying my music and the peace of having the place to myself, I find it odd how often these morning rides I am the only one in all the valley out there riding, I guess that was sometimes the case when living in Utah, am I really that bonkers?

Bout Perfect

Me and Ryan went out Thursday, we ripped down the trail on what I forgot was very very good. Absolutely stunning day, I enjoyed this ride very much

Gold Sampler

Off to and into March in a hurry here. Weather has still been very nice and I have had a great Arizona winter thoroughly! I was in need of something different Monday so to Gold Canyon I went. The lot is way busier than it has ever been and luckily all those people are hiking one or two trails out of a huge network for us bikers. Even with a lot full of 30 cars, I only saw 2 people on the actual trails I rode for 90 minutes, you got to love that. Good ride went off without a hitch.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Hawes breather

Back to normal, had a good spin around Hawes, lots of hikers to say excuse me to, ready for new trials or mixes, headed to Utah at the end of the month, hoping to ski and bike but one or the other would be awesome.

Back for more

With another opening for free time Saturday Francisco enjoyed riding so much he wanted to go back again. So that we did, this one even more relaxing and nice out, ran up a little hill to take in the sights, totally worth it!

Bro Flow

Me and my Bother in Law Francisco found some time on Friday to go out for a ride. He can ride fine and hasn't done much Mountain biking so we went to Usery for a tame spin. As we started it was that golden time of the day 5:30 and it was absolutely great out. We calmly made a 9 mile loop and it was really relaxing going at a slower speed and taking in fully the beautiful surroundings.


Got up super early as it was required, turned out to be a great morning ride, same trails but all to myself under the full moon.

Wonky cranker

Back from California, it was absolutely awesome trip, some great memories were made. My legs were kinda sore and funky those few days and I was glad I was off the bike. So when I did stretch them out they felt funky, they worked for me of course and the ride didn't really start feeling great until the end. Good to be home, big day ahead of us as LuAnn gets here white coat on Saturday and family starts flowing in Thursday/Friday.