Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Mo Gidro

So I was still in need for more Gidro so Friday was closing out the week with more Gidro. This time I rode the neighborhood all the way to the dead end and enjoyed looking at those mansions, ahhhh one day..... I had to figure my way to the Hawes trail and I did it no problem and avoided hiking a bike to the juction of Cactus garden. It was up and up to Gidro and I was pretty excited and motivated. Once at Gidro a few glam shots and dropped in, again not my quickest run down it but clean run none the less and the more hawes to fill my cup. I caught eye of a Saguaro bloom, the real heat is so close!

Up N Up

After viewing a fellow friends ride I made the notion I was going to get up onto Gidro and then he suggested I take the slap you in the face route he did the day prior. This was a route that started on the Hawes trail in the nieghborhood, not my favored direction as previosuly its got some hike a bike. But I accepted the challenge and up I went, once I happily passed the towers I combined it with Gidro as he did, it's been too long since I have been on Gidro and this was a good excuse to get after it. Gidro was a slower run than usual but clean none the less. Th rest of the time I filled in with miles, oooohhhhh that was good! Now if I can get the heck out of this valley!

Some E bikers.....

I guess my weekly habits are becoming ritualistic. It was the day for around Hawes, an enjoyed doing so as always. I notice someone scraped off the no ebike sticker, if it was a legit sticker it wasn't very cool of someone doing so. But for me its analog :)

Moving onwards!

Man I lvoe riding my bike, so blessed to be doing so!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Quiet Delight

Ahhhhh every week it gets quieter, I don't think it's the warmign trend but likely the snowbirds clearing out and people got their Covid rides off their minds. The virus is still a HUGE deal, for us not so much but for the rest fo teh country it is absolutely devastating. I continue to provide for my family by means of Landons education and all the housework as usual, it is going good with some bumpy moments but all is well.

Looks like bacon

A pretty normal week with some bonus rides throw in. I was set to close out the week on legs still looking for work so I figured out how to eat up some miles before the weekend. Ran into a pack of Javalinas around the end of the ride, rare occurance for me :)

Flowery Gold

I headed for Gold Canyon in desperation to get out of the routine. Was hopeful it would be snakeless and turns out it was! It was nice pedaling around Gold Canyon and ofcourse always all to myself. I might get back there for another one or two but then I think of rattlesnakes......

Family ride!

So awesome! We got the whole fmaily out for a ride, LuAnn did great, we made it to the nature center with me pulling the kiddo and LuAnn trailing behind us under the hot sun. Summer is upon us and I don't know how many more of these we got in us. As great as it was I think Landon is already growing bored of it as usual, I very very much enjoyed the ride and hope to do it again soon.

Sucker for miles and sunrises

Here we go for anoher easy 20 miles, I kinda wish they were somewhere else but it's really not a bad deal at all. I have been enjoying cool empty early mornings so far and no plan on stopping.

Monday, April 20, 2020

New helmet day!

I have been waiting so long for this day! I knew exactly which helmet I have wanted for a year now, when I saw it 20% off I jumped on it and got it on and it fit and looke beautiful. Took it out for it's maiden voyage and its light, breathable and god looking like I expected! Love it

High High Hopes

Off on another start to the week on a beautiful morning had me feeling unusually optimistic on thi whole virus thing, we continue to be safe and doing well, no days taken for granted.

With my boy!

I headed out with my little man on Sunday. We decided to take the trailer so we could move a little quicker and have a better experience. We did the regular and then took him on chainfruit and up to the nature center where we found a turtle enclosure and the turtle! Great day for father and son, we also climbed a random rock :)

So worth it

Next ride came Saturday, man what a beauty of a morning!

Peaceful slow morning

Came across a handsome little easter bunny out on the trails, some human I do actually like!

Monday, April 13, 2020

Hawes trail proper

I set off on Hawes feeling good and strong so I headed up to the Hawes trail to ride it in the proper direction. It was much much better in that direction I loved it, maybe I have ridden every Hawes trail on the map now. I thought of teaming it up with Gidro but I lazied out and went on a loop.