Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Merry Christmas to all!!!

It's christmas eve, it's nice to get to ride so much during the holiday season, to not be freezing or dealing with normal winter conditions, I do savor it quite a bit! Also helps when a few extra treats get added in. I weigh a bit more than I want to, so the riding is a part of feeling less guilty I supose. No family visits for us this year so just the 3 of us, nice and easy but I do miss my other families this time of year.

Thats one nice morning!

What a beauty this one was, really enjoyed the desert on this one!


Those laps aroud Hawes always has be looking for enough time to make it up to the mine. This thursday I had some bonus time so I did so. It turns out I ran into a woman in full grinch costume, I think they were staging a goofy scene and I rolled on by an let her know I liked her costume. Found a buck on secret.

Worth the wait

It was another swim meet in Phoenix so another morning ride delayed until the afternoon. I look forward to these quite a bit now, it comes with some guilt since I leave my son without much to do for a few hours but papa needs his ride. It's alos just peaceful that tiem of day and i find myself alot more energetic. So I was chugging up Alpe for some rips and again set a few PRs of trails I have ridden 100s of times so it's schocking to see and feel the difference!


Pretty nice out there, good dirt, god scenes, winter is great!

Tuesday, December 20, 2022


Very classic Thursday, looking forward to another normal week, the morning was pretty dang cool, but sweating my face off 1/2 way through but very good. Getting more resistance in the bottom bracket got to replace that I guess, only a few months old which is unusual to go bad but oh well. Had soem ebikers in front of me, one of them threw off a roost climbing, impressive power but cheaters, all of them.

Going in circles

Going in circles is what I do, so happy to be able to do so!

Morning ride

Happy happy joy joy

Well happy happy joy joy came to mind when things went back to normal for my Thursday ride. The sun was out and trails moist, it was mighty delicious!


My kiddo was in the heat of a bad cold, my wife a migraine, sp I sat the morning ride out and planned an afternoon one once everyone was all taking care of. I somehow did not even know it was planned to rain and when I checked the radar after it was begining to rain, alot of rain was coming our way. This turned exciting, rain rides are always a nice change. I awaited a while before the ride and when I did I was excited. Not sure what to wear since it was cooler and wet, I hit the trail without a rain jacket and quickly realized I needed one. As I began to ride it was a wet one, I quickly realized every part of my body was going to get wet on this one. For some reason my enthusiasm died quite quickly as I climbed up Alpe, for some reason I just wasn't feeling it. None the less I rode out 90 minutes of trail and went home and happily ate my chocolate :)

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Well that was sweet!

Headed out for some nice and quiet Gold Canyon action wednesday. As usual it was awesome, added in some bonus miles and did a cool mix of the goods!

Dig it

Was cruising pretty quick this morning!My watch did't like th cold I guess, maybe I need to start wearing long sleeves, it shutoff until I got it back on after it got a chance to warm up. Never been an issue.

Nice N quiet

Another nice and early ride, I didn't have any guilty thanksgiving meal to burn off or anything, it was pretty quiet out there, fine by me! I ran into someones trail snack on big sister, hope it finds it's rightful owner!

Thanksgiving family hike!

So happy we got out on a beautiful walk. I remember Arnett more lush and way more trees, btu it was really nice none the less. We needed more time but we at least made it to some fall colors.

Bonus Footy

Found out the family wasn't home so I grabbed some extra greedy miles :)

Happy Thanksgiving

It's thanksgiving! Nothing wild for my day, just a ride, a hike and some cooking with ym small family of 3!